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Hi All :) I'm new & your opinions would be appreciated

Hi ,

I have been doing weightwatchers for the past 5 months , its the second time around for me. The first was a success but when I stopped the meetings I put the weight back on, the second time I felt hungry all the time.

I have had a gap and now want to get back on track, someone suggested I try Slimming world as they say I won't feel hungry. Are there other ex WW's on here who have succesfully done slimming world and also I would be interested to know what the meetings are like in comparison to WW.

I have a long way to go and really need to start going to support meetings:)


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Hi Spangle,

you can use the 'search' function at the top of your screen to search for some threads about this. There are people who have successfully transitioned both ways between SW and WW. It all depends on what works best for you.

It is true that on SW you wont go hungry and there is more freedom in that respect as you have 'free foods' which you can eat as much as you like of and syns (treats) and healthy extras (the things your body needs which are a bit higher in calories ie fibre & calcium)

Good luck

Hi Spangle

I feel like have been on a permanent diet my whole life,nam a diet,i have tried it!I too went to WW years ago and lost a bit of weight,then put it back on again!!I also remember feeling constantly hungry on it!!I have been doing SW(I do not attend classes,so cannot comment on that-sorry)for 4 weeks now and I can honestly say I have never felt hungry!!

I can also say that for the first time in my life I actually think I am going to achieve the weight loss!!!

Good Luck!!!:D


Fighting the bulge
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st11lb(5.63%)


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I also Done ww which was fab and I did lose weight,but I did tend to use my points on rubbish,Im finding with SW Im eating far better and feeling really full too!! Im on EE and just fill up on free foodS! I love the way I don't have to count fruit,I always found that anoying having to use my point for the good stuff,so just never bothered,then ending up not using my point in the best of ways! Ive only been on SW for just over a week and lost 5.5lbs in my firtst week so pretty chuffed! I don't even feel im on a diet,no silly point messing with my brain! x x


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Im new to SW and have been to WW in the past. I liked ww at the time and lost weight but I was hungry on it and it would be impossible to spend the rest of my life like that. As soon as you stop counting points the weight is going to go back on. Started sw as I can live with the plan long term. Still finding my feet with sw, on EE but eating too much pasta and noodles to lose! Have lost 4lbs so far


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I have done all the main diets (WW/SW/RC) - i lost 3 stone on WW and loved it at the time, but i was working out at the gym and ate crisps and chocolate and starved cos all the points i had left i had to eat a ww ready meal (processed rubbish) I am sure the plan has developed more now, and is healthier, but when i did it, it seemed as long as you stuck to your points you lost weight.

I have gained all that weight and some since then, but we are talking about 7 years ago now!

IMO, SW is an amazing plan as it teaches you healthy eating habits, and a balanced diet, (fibre, calcium, protein, superspeed foods, healthy choices etc) and this is great for me as I dont like milk, so i have to incorporate calcium via cheese consumption!!! :D ive never eaten so much cheese lol!!! It still allows treats via the syn allowances - and this means you can still have wine/choc/crisps, but you have a little amount rather than overdoing it and then not having enough 'points' to eat main meals!

I recommend the plan to all my friends who want to learn healthy eating, and am becoming an expert cook - ask my OH he is a very happy fed bear!!! :) xxx

Good luck, and hope this post helped! x


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oh just forgot to mention the meetings:

I cant remember the WW meetings, apart from they gave you shiny sevens and everyone talked if they had lost weight. (no discussion about gains very often) and then there was a topic and a hard sell on the WW products (it got to a stage it was like a small supermarket)

SW meetings - very good! weigh in at the start, and then a class.

Everyone who attends brings a low fat food and it goes in a little basket, which is awarded to the slimmer of the week (the person who has lost the most in class that week) so an incentive!!!!

The consultant will give you the password for the online SW service, this is great you can log your weight and get recipies and online syn values.

then there is a topical chat - so for example, Easter, Chinese new year etc...new items, we discuss what new foods people have found etc...

then image therapy - where the C reads out everyones losses (or gains) and helps each and every member - then finally the awards for people (half stone, stone etc and then Slimmer of the week!)



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One note Spangle - the C NEVER tells anyone your weight or how much you've gained (if there's a gain)


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I followed WW myself without meetings. I lost the weight and it has stayed off but I found myself hungry ALOT! I wish I knew about SW then I find it allows you to eat much more without the fact you might use up all your points by 4pm then have to go hungry!

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