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Hi all- introducing me!

S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hey everyone,

I thought I might join you on this part of the forum; I used to be a CD-er, on SS, until I fell off the wagon and couldnt bring myself to get back on- it was so hard, I felt depressed and miserable, and slowly put most of the weight I lost back on (I had lost 2 and a half stone and put 1 and a half back on in the space of a few months!).

So, I decided to do my own diet- not follow rules given to me by some dietician somewhere, but just using calorie, fat, sugar and carb counting to eat healthily and lose weight that way.

I am now on day 9, and have lost 8lbs! I'm really happy with this, especially as I have had one or 2 (literally just one or 2) moments of weakness. I have managed to limit the damage by not going too OTT but I have to say it is nice to be able to enjoy the small pleasures every now and again, without feeling like I have "fallen off the wagon" or "let myself down". I have come to the conclusion that its important not to rule out anything, but instead to really think about whether I want it before I eat it- and if there is anything I would prefer that might not be so bad for me.

I now find myself opting for the healthy foods, as I want to lose weight and so many of them are perfectly tasty and yummy options, so why would I slow down my loss by eating greasy, fatty foods all the time?! If you get my thinking!

Anyhow, I am keeping a diary in the members only forum if you want to follow my journey! But for now I'm heading off to cook some lunch (YES! I am able to EAT lunch, not just drink a carton milkshake which tastes vile like I had to on my VLCD!! I love this, especially as I can see it working AND have achieved a similar loss in week 1 as I would have on VLCD!)

See yas later! xx
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I'm doing the same as you, I've given up CD after struggling for too long trying to do ss and binging so much. I'm calories counting and so far so good.
Well done on the weight loss, I've lost 7 lbs doing it this way and it lovely to eat finally! x
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hi Maz,

Thanks for the post! Nice to know there is a way we can eat pretty much normally and still lose weight- after doing a VLCD i sorta felt like it was illegal to eat and it didnt do me any good psychologically! Now I'm finally feeling like I can allow my body what it needs to function and make healthy choices, with a little higher fat/sugar food occasionally but being good the rest of the time. I have discovered balance, how to eat when I am really hungry and not emotionally hungry, and I think I am slowly learning good habits. Here's hoping anyway!!! x
Hi, i got into the same state with CD. I was binging so much becasue i knew i had to get back onto SS the next day, it really didn't help at all. I'm actually enjoy an evening meal instead of a milkshake!! I'm trying to have 1250-1500 cals a day, not sure if that's right but it seems to be allowing me to lose. how many cals do you think your having a day?
Hiya, I know what you mean about the shakes.. yuk.. I couldn't go back to them now. Though they served a purpose for me last year, getting 6st off to qualify for an operation. This year I put it all back on again. I've spent about 5 months trying IE to banish the worst of my food demons. It works too... I feel much calmer around food now. But I was still gaining weight and at my size it gets dangerous so I've swapped to using extrapounds website to keep track of my calorie, carb, fat, protein intake. I'm still trying to tune-in to my hunger and stop eating before I get full... it actually feels better to be not full and energetic, than full and sluggish (which is how I used to live permanently). I'm enjoying fresh fruits and salads so much more than ever I used to too. I made a very slow start last month and lost 4lb. I think that was more down to my uncertainty on just what I wanted to do. I'm hoping to settle into it a little better and find a way of eating I can live with longterm. I'd love to be slim.... I never have yet in my whole adult life!
Good luck to you!
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