Hi all...new here


Well i posted in sw section last night didnt see this...Im currently on sw im 32+ weeks pregnant with my 4th.i started sw nearly 4 weeks ago due my 4th weigh in tomorrow (thursdays)...in this time ive lost 7lb my scales are saying ive lost 1lb this week but shall see!

I wish id have started sw when i found out i was pregnant as i started dieting before i fell preg on camebridge lost a stone then got the news so had to stop...i need to shift about 4 stone and thats after the baby is born...put it this way after ive had baby ill have lost the most in the group that week hahahhaah

Hope your all well x
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Hi Blkpool

Well done on your loss so far, not too long for you to go, only 8 weeks or so. Good on ya sticking with SW.

Welcome to the forum.