hi all new to this


so iv started lipotrim and stumbled on this site while researching...soo day 3 and im doin great i dnt actually feel hungry but i would still love food but im looking forward to my 1st weigh in :D i have no idea what i am in pounds but im 14 and a half stone a size 16/18 i hope to lose 3 and a half stone and drop a few sizes
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:D welcome maddie and I`m sure you`ll blast that weight off quickly and be the size your aining for hun... well done so far xxx


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welcome hun x good luck x


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Welcome Maddie - you can do this. good luck.


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welcome to this lovely site
13 days been doing this already lost 12lbs and 11 cm over my body(just over 4 inches)
its really easy now
you can do it


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Welcome Maddie.

This site is great for the inspiration/support you'll need to get to your goal



thanks everyone day 6 and still no food as passed threw my lips never in a million years did i think i would be writing that...


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Welcome maddie, this site helped me loads when I was struggling and I found writing a blog really therapeutic. You should try document your journey so others can get inspiration from you and what you've experienced on Lt

peach pip

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welcome maddie good luck on your journey, just troop on and you will see great results. x


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Fantastic news well done


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Well done Maddie,you're doing great hunny x