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Hi all not sure if you remember me but i am pregnant and wanting to do SW


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I remember you! Congratulations!! I sort of did SW when I was pregnant - kind of did it on and off. You can have more healthy extras but I'm not sure how this chnages with the new EE plan. I think there is someone who posts here that is currently pg so maybe she can give you more details. How are the wedding plans going? I remember pictures of your beautiful dress!!


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I know I am worried I will fit in my dress hence why i want to loose a bit of weight if i can!
I will only be 4 ish months (we literally concieved bank holiday weekend!!!) i took a digital (and 5 other tests) and still cant stop looking at it!
I may go to my local one either tonight or next wednesday but i wanna get going asap.
See my friend who is pregnant who is doing it i could ask but we dont wanna tell people till the 12 week scan as we lost one last year, although I had zilch symptoms last year!
This time.... i SMELL EVERYTHING and every smell good or bad makes me heave! It also tastes as though i have chomped on tin foil!


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Of course I remember you :D Yay!! congratulations!! I'm chuffed for you.

Yes you can do SW when pregnant. I can't remember if you go to class or not. If you do, have a private chat with your consultant and tell her, but ask her to not mention it in class until you get past your 12 weeks.

Good luck and congrats again


i love minimins me :)
hey hunny :D

i jus wanted to say another massive congrats, i know how much u have wanted this and am jus soooo happy for you and mike!!! :D



Slimming for my children
thank you everyone!
I am so happy!
I dont go to classes but i spose i should really. I just wont be able to make them as often as your meant to.


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Hi FNM, i was wondering where you were!! Congratulations on your news, a little bundle of joy. You have so much to look forward to with your wedding and now the baby. xx
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Congratulations!! You don't need to go to class if you'd rather not, lots of people go it alone, I have emailable version of the plan if you want to PM me your email address, Id be happy to send it all to you.

I don't think you should be thinking about losing weight at the moment. The most important thing is to eat as healthily as you can, everything in moderation - you baby will be getting what he or she needs from what you eat. As long as you don't over do things and do moderate appropriate exercise, like walking and swimming, then you'll only put on the amount of weight that you are supposed to. Having your healthy extra are even more vital right now. I guess its about different priorities now isn't it. Good luck.

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