Hi All, Syn value in Chinese curry?

Hi All,

I hope I have posted in the correct place.. I was wondering if anyone know's the syn value of chinese curry sauce? I've saved all my syns today (bar2) for a chinese tomorrow. Just Chicken Chow Mein.. boiled rice & Curry Sauce (i hope)

Thank You x

I did do a search but I can only find WW points values.
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Just ball park figures because servings and ingredients can vary hugely between restaurants

Basic/Non Branded Foods Chinese Restaurant, Chicken Chow Mein, average portion 380g serving

7 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 11½ Syns
Green 7 Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Fish & Chip Shops, Curry Sauce, average portion per serving

6 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 6 Syns
Green 6 Syns

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Ah I see, Thank You. I seen the chippy one but didn't know if it would be the same.

Thank You.x