Hi all thought I would join in!


Hi there all !! I am getting married in March next yr..only 30 weeks away!!!!(not that I am counting!!lol)

We have been together 12yrs and have 2 boys and have finally set a date and decided to tie the knot!!

I was astounded a few weeks back as I went to my SIL and we were chatting about dresses etc and I said I was going to be hire-ing one or getting a second hand one........anyways cut a long story short...we ended going to a friends of hers, who got married last sept, and tried on her dress, she is a short arse like me and the dress fitted like a glove!! It was as if it had been made for me!!!!

So I am now going to pay her a fee and hire the dress off her! I can afford to loose a good stone-stone 1/2 and it still look fab, taking in to consideration all the under garments us brides need to wear:eek: !!

We have now booked the venue and the registra and getting excited about the date!

On the diet front....I started CD in april this yr, lost 3st 3lb.and went from 14.6 to 11.3..then went on hols, kids are off schoolso I got all out of routine and ....well need i say more!! I am now back up to 12stone!! But have contacted new CDC going to see her tomorrow and start the 2nd leg of my journey!

well I am looking forward to catching up with other brides/bridesmaids to be!!lol

we will be beautiful slim brides on the day and we can sooo do this!!!!:)

Hugs Lou XX
Many congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. Also a very big well done on your weight loss so far!
I too have been on and off the wagon many times this year and I'm hoping that this is the last time I have to do it!
Good luck with the rest of your weight loss and keep us all posted! I am sure you will make a very beautifull bride!
Have a lovely evening
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just seeing if I have done the glitter thing right!!lol
Start of day 2........

well woke up wondering if there would be a big headache waiting for me...and nothing but a bit of a fuzzy feeling...so i have taken 2 tablets and had a pint of water....so set and ready for the day!!

Day one went fine and without any hitches,....had banana shake, choc shake for lunch and then a banana muffin for dinner...prefer the choc ones..but it was nice. I also had about 3 black coffees, cup of bullion and 4 litres of water!

Got on the scales this AM...and they show a loss already! I was 12.3 yesterday and 11.13 3/4 today!!! so feeling good and inspired already!:)

really focussing on what my new cdc said about the dress I am going to borrow is going to be too big by end march..she recons I will be on a roll and loose so much weight this time that it is going to hang off me and I will have to get another one...so really an exciting prospect!!

anyway off for a shower and to get kids sorted for the day

hugs to all Lou X
Hiya I,m getting married in July next year and have to shift this weight lol I,m 16st 7lb, I have already bought my dress the only downfall is it is a size 10 :eek: will I ever get into it??

Nikki x
I am just starting the cd diet today and really nervous. Getting married in October 2007 and desparately need to fit into a smaller wedding dress. Really hope I can manage it too!!! Getting wed in Greece so would love to be able to get into a bikini aswell!!
Sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good work
Kez xx
Ooh, just found this part of the forum.

I've just got engaged and am getting married next summer. Which is what's spurred me into action (having put on 3 stone in the last year).

I don't want to be forever ashamed of the wedding pics. I want to look good in a dress. I want my husband to be proud of me. I want to be proud of myself!

Best wishes to all getting married
How exciting for you VirgoGirl,

I think your so right to get the weight off for your wedding as I hear more women say they regret having the weight on and that they hate their wedding photos because of it.:(

You are giving yourself good time now to lose the weight and stabilize and this is a wonderful present and start to your new life.

Good luck.

Love Mini xxx
I don't want to be forever ashamed of the wedding pics. I want to look good in a dress. I want my husband to be proud of me. I want to be proud of myself!

You sound so determined I'm sure you will get there! :D

I just want to say this though... whatever size you are by that magical day, you will look fabulous, and your husband will be bursting with pride! :D The look on his face when he sees you walking towards him will say it all and you WILL be so proud of yourself too! :D :D

OOh, I love hearing about weddings.. lol... soppy mare!

Congratulations to you all!!:D