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Just wanted to introduce myself.
Im new to here but not new to lipotrim or a lot of the other diets on here. I weigh 16 stone and am 5ft 7.. and generally wear size 18/20.
I have tried lipotrim before for almost 3 weeks and found it def works, it was my will power that didn't. I lost about 2stone, and i felt great about it! But i gave in and have since tried various diets, cambridge.. (which tastes better, but somehow didnt work for me, i didnt cheat at all but lost nothing) and slimming world/ weightwatchers.

Im finding that my weight is continuously in my mind, i cant just feel i can go out, i feel as though people are judging me for it, and i know people see the weight before they see me.

My friends and family have Seen me go through my journey, having lost weight only to put it back on again. Then spend £180 on several attempts at cambridge and last just over a week.
I finished at 14 stone in july.. im now 16+ again.

So I know they def would not approve of me having another go, but it feels like it was the only thing that seemed to be sucessful before i gave up on it. So im considering doing it in secret. The pressure of.. "it doesnt work" and "its too dangerous" always send me into doubt and failure.

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Hi welcome to minis .You will find only positive help here so keep coming back to us .
As to LT and cambridge not working you will find plenty of people on here to prove them wrong .
I have maintained for sometime now.You have to learn new eating habits while you are doing which ever diet you choose to do that includes WW and SW ect or you will be on a diet for the rest of your life. It is all possible and with the help and support from all the people on here your journey has just got easier xx


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Hi Ilm and welcome. You will find this forum is a real help to you!
You need to make sure you head is in the right place before you start on LT! It is a bit of a haul, and I think 3 weeks in is probably the most difficult time (certainly it was for me, anyway) but it does get better.
Do you have to do it secretly? I would be worried that you are just adding to the pressure of it by hiding what you're doing. You need to be determined and bloody minded to do this diet, and prove the doubters wrong.

Good luck!



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Hey Ilm - welcome and I am sure that you will do it this time. The support from this site is fantastic. I know what you mean about doing it in secret - I have a very close friend who really disapproves of me being on this diet and as far as he is concerned I am not doing it anymore - its easier than having the arguments over it. But you have to do this for you after all you are the one that has to live with your body no one else. Friends and family will be so proud of you once you have achieved goal. Good luck :D


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Well said!

I think I'll be happy to tell my friends...so that I don't have to keep explaining why I'm not drinking/eating etc...work colleagues, maybe not.

As for the boyfriend, hopefully results will speak for themselves...maybe he's just worried that I'll stop cooking!


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Welcome to the site! (im a newbie and already addicted to trawling thru the threads!!)
Hope the diet goes well for you, Im starting slim fast shortly so fingers crossed we both do well :D

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Good luck, I had lots of negative comments about this diet from people, mainly those who ahve weight problems and are maybe a bit envious of the 6 stone I lost? I'm starting again on sunday and hope to lose another 3 stone on LT, lets prove them all wrong!! Good luck :)


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Hiya Ilm and snap to all of the above,
it may aswell be me who posted the thread!
All my friends and family saw me lose 8stone two years ago only to regain 5 in the past 2 years, this is not the fault of LT though cos when i came off it I lost the last 1st 7bls just by healthy eating but I went back to my old ways and regained:(
So whenever I bring up doing LT again everyone just says i'll put the weight back on, i plan on losing the weight on LT then going to a dietition and hypnosis for my bad attitude towards food so that i don't go down the same road again!
As far as being dangerous, I ended up in hospital with gallstones and semi blamed LT but the doc said they were always there caused by fatty fods etc and yes the pain was activated by losing weight so fast but that i was far healthier having lost weight and listed all the negitives health wise from being even a couple of stone overweight and he was very pro LT as you're getting everything your body needs.
In my opinion, all LT lacks is changing our mindsets towards food but this is part of the battles, LT makes us lose the weight and it's up to us to change our mindsets.
Goodluck :)