Extra Easy hi all


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Course it works! Otherwise why would we all be here! :D

And yes it is as easy as it sounds, just as long as you are willing to put a bit of effort in, follow the plan properly and make some changes to your lifestyle.

Good luck!


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Put your trust in the plan, follow the rules and enjoy it!


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Course it works, you only have to look at poster's stats to see that :D I can honestly say now, that sometimes I 'forget' that I am on a plan - not because I am not following it, but because it is slowly but surely becoming a way of life for me now :).


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Totally agree Smartie, Circes and Jenny. It sometimes needs a bit of tweaking, sometimes not (for each individual) but it should become a way of life not a diet. That's how the people who have kept the weight off have managed it. I haven't got there yet but I full intend if/when I do, that I will just continue to follow the plan.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Gail x


Hi all thanks for the avice will give it my best shot will post on here how its all going

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hi ecofisk welcome to s/w have a read of the diaries etc on here then u will see how good it is by the results, good luck losing the lbs :)