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Hi all


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I've been quiet for a little while but I thought I would stop and say hi.

I weighed myself this morning and after having a bit of food at the weekend but flushing it all out yesterday, I still lost this week and am now 10 stone 9 - woo!

I have lost 26lbs. I want to know what this is the equivalent of - u know there was a thread of all different weight losses and what they are the equivalent of as a object?

Can someone find it? Does anyone know what im rambling on about? Haha..

Anyway hi all...hope you're all well.

Lauren x
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hey L... tick off your 7th mini goal my dear!

i am feeling v positive at the mo.

started again last wed at 10,13 and now 10,4 today! praying that i can get a glimpse of the 9's before we head off to turkey a week friday...

please pray for me!

hope you enjoyed the meal. did you have indian? lucky you...



Call me Nicky xx
Hi hun, well done, thats fantastic xx.

I know there is a thread where a member said that 21lbs was the same weight as her baby however I cant find it now.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Oh yes forgot about that!!!! I will do it.

Oh yes last Friday (13th June) I had a chicken shashlick, a smidgen of naam bread, and some poppadoms with onion salad.

Kept it up during the week, had a chicken kebab without the pitta on Wednesday and then on Friday had another one....didnt make much difference to my weight really. On Sunday had my race for life, and had a banana to give me some energy!

Was v naughty on Sunday night and had a indian and some haagen daaz - felt really full up. Weighed 10 12 Monday morning but managed to flush it all out by this morning!

I am praying for you that you lose the 5 odd lbs - u must be looking fantastic!!
oooh you sound as naughty as me!!!! i love an indian and a kebab and haagen daaz...

so glad you managed to flush it all out though. cant believe how quickly my gain has come off and more. amazed really!

keep up the good work and you will look fab for egypt (although you look really good in your pic).

i am still pretty porky (big big legs) so gonna up the exercise (or just actually do some lol) when im back from hols. this will be my last push to get to 9,1 for the op. really need to tone up, this is what will make the difference for my shape (pear).

but for now im 'ok' with my loss/ myself and looking forward to turkey! yay...

keep up the good work buddy and have that 'new' wagon pulled up and waiting in the lay by for me when i come off that plane at stansted on 19th july!!!!!! i will def need it...


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Did it in 41 MINS! So pleased. My legs are still killing me today!!!

You will get to 9 stone 1 - if you feel that you have more weight to lose then im sure you will find it in you to carry on - you've done so well so far. I cant imagine your legs are that big at 10 stone 4!

Mine are still pretty wobbly though!

I love the kebab salad the best - i wonder how they make it like that!

Oh i forgot to tell you - i got my belly button pierced on Friday! Love it!
yay to the belly button... got mine done at 16 years old and not had it in for about 4 years... still got the hole so may put mine back in when im at goal!!!!

kebab salad... you gotta love the cabbage, how do they make it slimy yet yummy???? lol...


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thats what I am talking about!!!!! It must be pickled or something...love the red lettuce (or is that cabbage too?) yum yum!