Hi can I join you??


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Hi everyone.

I have arround 9.5 stone to lose and I am hoping to start the CD if I can get my doctor to sign the form.

Seen some truly amazing weight losses on this forum and hoping in the New Year I will be one of those statistics!:)
Hi Lisa, welcome to the wemitts. You really shouldn't have any probs getting your doc to sign the form, if he/she is fussy about it just remind him/her that you aren't asking for permission you just want him/her to sign the form to confirm that you have no medical probs that would pose any contradindications with the diet.

If you are otherwise healthy and aren't taking any other meds then you don't need permission to lose weight!

You will learn very quickly on these diets that you need to be selfish and think of yourself, you want to lose weight so don't let anybody stand in your way!!!!!! :)

In the meantime I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and sharing your weight loss journey with you.

Hi Again Lisa,

I have 9.5 - 10 stone to lose too. daunting and exciting all at the same time lol. Will enjoy sharing the goods and bads with ya!

Welcome to the WeMITTS

(a highly fab and exclusive club might I add!)
Hi Lisaloooo When are you planning on starting cd ?
Good luck in your journey and a big welcome to wemitts.

I there.............and welcome aboard. I have lost 40lbs in 6 weeks and have another 120lbs to go. You are among people on the same journey as you.
If you stick to it 100% you will get fantastic results.

Best of luck.


Bettyboo(If I can do it you can too)
Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome.

Well I have got to ring at 8am to get my doctors appointment so will have my finger on redial til I get through.

Ok so my plan of action with the doctor should be to go in there say "I am starting the CD diet and I need you to confirm that I do not have any of the medical problems on this form". Much better than asking permission me thinks.

I intend to start the CD on 27th Dec. I hope to get to see doctor on Monday then go and see my consultant in the next couple of days after that then get start on the 27th.

I can't wait to start and see those numbers. I have tried so many diets and failed them all and to be honest this is the only one where I have stopped and thought that I could actually do it.:)
That's the way to do it hun, don't take any messing!

This diet will absolutely change your life, the results are quick and you will be amazed at the magical transformation!

Good luck with the GP let us know how it goes xx
Hello Lisaloo, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We really understand the extra issues involved when you have alot of weight to lose. We have all been there.
I KNOW you can do this - you just have t want to, and MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!! We will be here to support you every step of the way. Post often on the general WeMitt thread, which is started each week on a Monday. I ALWAYS read the general thread, and try to post daily. I am away for 3 weeks from Monday though, but will check in as often as I can, and look forward to hearing about your GP appoitment, and sharing your journey to slimland with you.
Ann "Mother WeMitt" xxx