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Hi can you help ...

Hey chick,

I don't remember seeing anything in the SS booklet about waiting to have bars .... the only thing it mentioned was that you had to wait 2 weeks for the water flavourings. I could be wrong ...

Have a look back through the posts - I'm sure icemoose said the new crunch bars were the same carb content as the shakes/soups and should be fine??? But some people struggle staying in ketosis with the older bars ...

I think you will be fine either way xx
The advice from my CD counsellor was no bars in the first 2 weeks to make sure you get well into ketosis. I think its a good precaution- but if the new bars have been formulated to avoid this that's great. You should be fine after 3 weeks though. But do not have more than one a day.
I had to wait one week. Can't be without the regular chocolate ones, they remind me of the bottom bit of a mars bar. First time I tried one I gagged my way through it, now I LOVE them!
I buy some other flavours so I have variation but I get excited everytime I know it''s a 'chocolate' night!
I also like Cranberry crunch and Chocolate Orange. Not keen on Peanut.

Enjoy munching! x


The Diet Guy

The official advice is no bars for the first 2 weeks to allow ketosis to full kick in.

The older bars (Chocolate, Choc Orange, Caramel and Malt Toffee) so have more carb in them than the sachets and hence this was the reason the rule was brought in.

The newer bars (Cranberry and Peanut) have the same amount of carb but a lot more fibre!

So anyway week 3 means you should be fine to have 1 bar a day and all of them are yummy (my favourites are Malt Toffee and Cranberry)



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after 2 weeks i was allowed bars, i liked them all except peanut and cranberry. They can make u windy as well so no more than 1 a day :D
I was looking for a little more action than just wind if you know what I mean :eek:


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Hi hippychick. Bars are allowed after 2 weeks.
I love chocolate and cranberry crunch. At first they taste a bit odd but I grew to love them quickly. Now I even have 2 a day sometimes. Although this is not recommended because some suffer with wind, cravings etc they dont affect me. Have lost every week so far (am on week5).
Just make sure you drink enough water as you'll be having less because of no shakes.
mmmmmm...cd bars..drool!!!

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