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hi could do with a bit of encouragement

hey you lot, i fell of the waggon big time last week, infact 10 days ago and have eaten like a pig since. i feel awfull but i am starting again tomorrow, i have undone at least 8 pounds of what i lost but i am to scared to see exactly how much
i need to do this i am so stupid and i desperately want to look good and feel happy with myself
i just want to feel nice and at the moment i can feel the eyes of all the mums in the playground going........see i new she wouldnt keep it up for long:sigh:
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Hi gemsiebrown,

Good luck with starting again tomorrow.

You have done well to get your head back in the right place again so quickly!

Any weight you have gained you will probably have it off in a weeks time so all is not lost.

Give yourself some mini goals that are achievable in the short term as they will help build your confidence and take it one day at a time.

You may well find you go into ketosis quicker than the first time as often is the case, so hang in there.

Believe you can do it and you will.:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
We all have little blips huney and to be honest mine lasted a week as well. So my advice is to just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on the wagon because ya can do it and ya are not a failure. We are all human and theres not one person that can say "i've never cheated" because in some way they have. If you want go back on the shakes tomorrow and try again!! If at first ya don't succeed keep trying and we are all here to help ya through it. So if ya are ever feeling the need for a chat or even feeling hungry log on here and theres always someone on here no matter what time of the day it is. We are all with ya through your journey and always remember ya are beautiful no matter what shape or size ya are, its just we like to improve on what we have! Don't be worrying about what anyone else says because its those type of people whose always going to drag ya down no matter what but rise above them all and do it for yourself and not for them. Believe in yourself and ya can do anything!! Gud luck with your restart and wishing all the success on it, take care
P.S : Take each day as it comes and start off with short mini goals and that weight will drop off ya, take care
Hiya love put it behind you i know its easier said than done but ive been where you are know take 1 day at a time focus on that day and let tomorrow take care of itself.
logg on as much as possible and if you want to PM by all means do so i do understand

keep strong

Hi hun just try and use this as a starting point again, and remember how you are feeling now for eating it should spur you on x As for the other mums im sure they are not thinking that but just ignore the stares it is because you have done so well and look amazing!!!!
Good look for the restart and has miss unknown said there is always someone on here if you feel that wagon start to rock xx
What your doing is hard so a blip now and again is only normal. You have set your mind frame to start again and I am sure you will and be stronger for it because you know how it feels to fall off the wagon. Be strong chick and you will soon be getting the other mums jealous...you can do it and you will...xx
aah i think we can all say we have been in that boat one time or another. hun dont worry, forget the cheat and just give it another go. Most likely the weight you have put on again will be gone by next week (let that be your first mini goal) All you can do is try, I know that the first time I did LT i cheated once every blinking week and I would kick myself for it afterwards, I just felt like I couldnt do it. But after a couple of months off I came back with a vengeance and promised myself that I would do this FOR ME!! and no one else.... and I havent looked back since. we are all here if you wanna chat. to be honest I practically live on here coz sometimes i think if i move away from the screen i will cheat. This place is full of some really inspirational people and just looking at their losses each week makes me think "i wanna be one of those people one day" . we all have bad days but get online and post on here... talk to us and you will feel miles better. good luck hun xxx
i didnt start today an now i feel even shitter for tricking myself
i woke up and ate a millions chocolate fingers
i dont know what is wrong with me, im oging to try my hardest to start in the morning and have a shake the minute i wake
Hi Gem, even with the blip you've lost a lot of weight, so don't feel bad. I'm so pleased that you're determined enough to go straight back on plan. That 8 will soon come off again.

Stay strong. :) x


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The best way I have found to get back into the swing of the diet again is to cut down the carbs over the course of a few days as going cold turkey is very difficult second time round.

Here is an excellent post by Sassy on stepping your way back onto CD but it can work just as well for getting back on Lipotrim RTF.

Have a read and see what you think.:)


Love Mini xxx

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