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hi every1!!


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well im 13st 5.... (lost 5lb in 1st week) im on my 2nd week now (but every1 says always lose alot in 1st week so dont get hopes up) and 5ft 1!!! ....so 'ideal' weight is 7st but i wont look right i dont think that skinny... so going for 9 st (biggest weight in chart for my height and still be 'healthy' .... so 4st 5.. so here for a while lol.

im doing excersises at night tr avoid lose skin however im mum of two and wasnt one of the lucky mums to not get jelly belly and stretch marks, so not sure how toned i can get tummy in long run, but anythings better than this :(
remember-it didn't go on overnight so its time to mcome off or it wont stay off.take one day at a atime and good luck. I find if I'm starting to slip I come on here and have a look at the posts to remind me why I'm here . I also look at the before and after pic sticky-if that doesnt make you want to carry on nothing will.


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o0o0 wheres that? I know im determined, but im not that great at cooking so end up eating boring food all time, im in it until i lose the amount i need no matter how long it takes, im just fed up hearing bad comments from people :( ... coz i have so many stretch marks people saying i'll look worse :(


Now to maintain.....
hiya!! i joined this site yesterday and its fantastic,i can see it helping me a lot.......i really get a lot out of somewhere like this to come too every day.
and omg slap those people that are saying that to you!! they are most probably jealous that you are doing it.you can and will do it!! no doubt there will be hiccups along the way but you will!!! always remember that and keep the end in sight!!
as for the cooking get a few of the recipie books...i find them quite easy to follow and it really varies your diet and the more variation you have the less likely you will be to get bored and fall off the wagon purely because its boring.

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Couple of newbies on this thread so hello and welcome to you all xxxx


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:welcome:Hi! Welcome to minimins. Why not set up a food diary so we can all give advice how to spice up that meal variety ;)

I am too not a huge fan of cooking everyday however once in a while i do try out new things. This does keep me going! xxx


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hi how do i do a food diary lol.. and how do you put all your stats under avatar... like what diet ur on how much you lost etc?

thankyou for advice :)
Hi Gemma! Im a new girl too and am about the same weight and height as you and also have the jelly belly after 2 kids so hey....we can give eachother inspiration along the way!!!!
If you do some exercise while loosing the weight then you wont end up with saggy skin.
Ab x


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wow! hello :)

I'm doing you tube 'pilates' classes (bonnies) she as 4 different ones all 10 mins long each so it's 40 min work out every night... then i 'try' air skip rope for 20 mins aswell (i have no co-ordination so pretend skip rope so i never trip(learnt it also off youtube LOL) also school run mon-fri 4 x 15 min walks.. so think im okay excersising .... but cant tell all all as jelly belly is quite bad lol.

ive tried google people who lost weight and majority only have a small bulge bottom of tummy which can live with!..

My weigh in is tomorrow but not holding breath.. partner been on wierd hours at work and havn't stuck well at all!..
so really tomorrow will be new day for me...

whats your goal weight? .... how you doing so far?


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ello :)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!


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1st thing i looked for :)

weigh in 2moro.. im dreading it i been totally rubbish... so looking to start again tomorrow :)
Hi Gemma/Inmydreams, I'm a newbie to the forum too. I'm only 5ft and have 2 kids and a jelly belly as well, so maybe I could join the both of you on your journeys to slimdom and jellybelly freedom. So good luck on your journeys Im sure you will do well.
Hiya! Sounds like you do loads of exercise, fab stuff!! I think my goal weight would be 9 n half stone or 10 stone, not sure. I have been 8 st 10 before (when i did lighterlife 3 years ago) but think 9 n half is about right. I still had abit of a jelly thing going on then!
Ive been at slimmingworld for ages just going to the classes loosing a lb, putting half on, loosing 2, putting 1 on etc etc. ive not really been serious enough and now the summer is coming im dreading spending another summer covered up cos im too fat. So im kind of starting a fresh this week. I get weighed on a thurs night, so am hoping to have stayed the same this week as i went out fri evening and had choc cake.
Im gonna have a look at the youtube pilates, that sounds good.
Hope your weigh in goes well!!!

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