Hi everybody I am new to JUDDD


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Hi everybody,
I am 38 , dieted all my life and never managed to stick to any WOE.
I did WW, OA, fasting, whatever u can imagine to no avail.
I came across JUDDD yesterday and it sounds right to me, I think I can manage 1 day at a time.
I have some questions for you according to your experience:
- how many calories should I eat in UD?
I just computed my RMR (rest metabolic rate) which is the amount of calories I burn if I slept all day :) and it is 1500 calories.
- how many calories do u eat in DD?
I would like to start my DD tomorrow, did some calcs for planning a high protein day of 500 cals is it fine?
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Hi Latia,

Welcome to juddd, hope it goes really well for you! There is a calorie calculator on the website, but most of us stick to 500 cals on a dd and 2000 on an ud as a basic rule.

UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan – How to Succeed

Good luck and let us know how you get on x


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Hi Latia,

Most people seem to stick to the 500 cals per day rule, and I have heard of all tactics from lots of salad and protein to slimfast shakes to 5 packets of french fries!

I find the easiest is no breakfast, a WW soup for lunch (100 cals ish) and then protein and veg for dinner. To get through the hunry bits I find hot tea with lemon or 10 cal soup helps

good luck, I think most people actually find the DD's are easier then expected:cool:.