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Hi everybody

Hi everyone - just a quick intro.

I've never been a skinny girl - but I've also never been overweight. In March this year I dislocated my knee and managed to rupture three of my ligaments and fractured my kneecap.

I was on crutches for 7 months and so as you can imagine I piled on weight. I had to sell my horse who was my only form of exercise; being a rider, I had quite muscley legs - since I've been 'disabled' this muscle has mostly all turned to fat.

Since March - I have put on so much weight. I don't know how much because I am too scared to use the scales :sigh: but I have gone up 4 dress sizes.

I'm due to have reconstructive surgery on my knee next summer, and obviously have to lose the weight I've put on as the op is risky enough without the extra pounds.

I'm not allowed to do much exercise - I can't even walk up and down stairs properly :( - so I'm going to have to go on an extreme diet, I think.

Any tips would be brill - sorry for the long post.
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Hi Siberian Kiss,

Welcome to Minimins. I recommend that you read through some of postings on the VLCD forums and see which ones might work for you. There is a wide range of costs and some "provide counselling" others not so much.

If you have never had a weight problem and do better with a "team" of supporters -- I, personally, recommend Lighter Life. However, it is very expensive and picking your counsellor properly is important. I was fortunate and mine was very good, and the Foundation Group was made up of amazing and committed women... however, I have had friends who used other counsellors and were not as lucky.

If you can do it on your own, but would like some professional advice then finding a Cambridge Diet Counsellor (soon to be known as Consultants) might be good for you.

And, if you are looking for the VLCD meal replacement plan -- and can read, follow directions, and have great strength of character... then look at ordering Exante or Celebrity Diet... these tend to be a less expensive option.

As far as I know, all of the "major" products are safe if used as directed and you have no medical reasons that would bar you from doing this sort of diet. So, really it is read, research and make the best guess at which plan would work for you. Once you start on a particular plan go ahead and post on the diet's forum and you should get all the help and advice you need from people who have "been there, done that" or are doing it. There are challenges to join, teams to participate in, etc.

Anyway, and talk about your long posts...
good luck.

I'm not too sure if I'm honest. I'm a freak for carbohydrates (I crave them more than I do sweet things) so I guess it would be sensible to get rid of them or at least lower my intake.

I also gave up smoking in July, so this hasn't helped the carby cravings :D

I'm going to see my GP next week, hopefully to get referred to a dietician, so we'll see :)


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Hi SK,

Try looking at the low GI diet plans. They are very good, if stick to them.



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Can I suggest you have a look at the Slimming World section.
It's a very flexible plan and you can eat a lot of carbs if you wish to!

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