hi everyone, anyone around at the mo?

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    hi all im new here, joined ages ago but forgot id joined:flirt2: so im bak and hopefully will make new friends and get lots of advice , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  3. DisneyParis

    DisneyParis An Attitude of Gratitude

    :welcome2: Good luck reaching your goal. Keep posting. :)
  4. zillie

    zillie SlinkySlimmer !!!

    Welcome back and good luck,

    Tell us more about you, what sort of weight loss do you want, are you going to follow any specific diet or jsut wing it on healthy eating. Are you doing any exercise. What about you and the rest of your life, any interests hobbies, where abouts are you from and any other interesting facts.

    Good Luck on your weightloss

    Lizzie xxx


    hi im from kent, im 23 and mum of one (so far) lol.

    id love to b around 11stone but at the mo im working towards 12ish, i dont want to b stick thing i just want to fit into all my old gorgeous clothes i have !
    currently taking xenical which i started last week, so far so good, eatin really healthy but findin myself bit hungry, im havin trouble with the 3 meals a day bit, i usually only hav 2 and usually high in carbs, so im tryin hard to cut out the carbs as much as i can or not hav them every day,

    didnt realise xenical didnt go well with salmon, but i soon found that out lol
  6. zillie

    zillie SlinkySlimmer !!!

    Yeah salmon is a fatty fish unfortunately, although it is full of omegas, which are really good for us :(.

    The important thing about carbs, is yes not having quite so many but its the type of carbs you take in also. Such as whole grain foods, wholewheat pasta, and brown or basmati rice. Also alot of the fruit we eat contains sugar which is a broken down version of carbs, you could replace some of that that you have cut out with fruit in the form of snacks. Also our veggies.

    Good luck with the xenical.

    Lizzie xxx
  7. mrspaddy

    mrspaddy Member

  8. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    welcome back

    Irene xx

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