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Hi everyone, can anyone help me to find me a diet because of my disability!

Hi everyone, my name is Joyce aka Golden Girl. My son googled about weight watchers and this site came up! He told me about it, so I came on here and had a look round. Then I asked my son to help me register here. I have not yet decided what diet to do, I am in a wheelchair and can't eat much as it puts the weight on straight away. I have tried ww, sw, RC, cc and I never loose anything. I did try lipotrim a few years ago but it made me feel a bit faint the first few days. I do have lot's of medical problems and am on a lot of medication. So if anyone can give me some suggestions as to what diet I could try, please let me know!!! :sign0009:
Sorry I didn't mean to go on so much! Lol

Joyce x :wavey:
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Hi Joyce and welcome. And thanks to your son for helping you register.

Is it worth asking at the doctors about a suitable plan for you to follow. I know some surgeries have a weight management person.

I see you have tried lots of different diets. What was the problem each time?

Irene xx
Hi Irene,
Thank you for answering me. I have tried the doctors but I have so many illness's and am on a bucket load of medication, thats it hard for them to find the right way for me to lose weight.
With all the other diets I have always put weight on. I know it sounds incredible but it's true.
Also with my lack of mobility doesn't help either!!

I seem to be in a no win situation!
Before my mobility problems got severe I was always a good weight. Between 9st - 9st 12lb. But now you can more than double that, and I hate it so much! I just don't know what else to try. Plus we changed doctors last year and my new doctor left to have a baby. She wont be back until Oct. The stand in doctor said I have enough problems to deal with, without worrying about my weight. I know she's right in one way, but I had to have a radical mastectomy of my left breast 2 years ago because I had cancer. The surgeon then was worried if I would come through the anaesthtic, and I had to have lots of tests before hand. My medical problems were the main worry, but my weight didn't help! So I don't know what to do! :cry:

Joyce x :wave_cry:


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Hi Joyce,

Irene is right about you talking to your Dr again or just ask them to refer you to the practice dietician.

Other than that have a look around this site and whatever diet (healthy eating plan) you chose you will get the support you need to keep on track (we talk about anything and everything). That's the most important thing (for me anyway).

I have tried sooooo many diets but it's the support and advice on here that has made the difference for me.

Take care, take your time, and I'm sure I will see you elsewhere on the site. R x :welcome2:
Thank you for your advice. I think you are right, I will see what my doctors say again.
I will also look around this site and see what other people say about their diets!

Joyce x :)


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S: 23st0lb C: 19st1.7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.2 Loss: 3st12.3lb(16.87%)
Let us know how you get on at the Dr's. :)
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I was wondering if basic calorie counting would work for you, there's another forum called 'sparkpeople' its free to join but you can put in all your stats including acitivity levels,which would seem to be you biggest draw back, and it tells you how many calories a day to aim for.

Just a thought, and the best of luck whatever you decide on

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