Hi everyone - glad I found you!


Hiya! I just found this site after browsing Mike's iblog (Icemoose) so thanks Mike for the link.
I started using Lipotrim on 26/05/06 and doing very well ty. Only snag is tastebuds craving more variety - so I'm switching to Cambridge as of now. I know all 3 VLCD's are made by the same people so it should work exactly the same. (why such a difference in cost and available flavours I don't understand?)
Reason for doing VLCD? Well, I've been a comfort eater since age 7 when we moved into a Tuck shop. Now at the age of 47 I've knackered my hip and need a replacement operation. So I have to lose weight or they won't do it! You'd be suprised what a incentive constant pain is...... :(
Anyway, I've tried just about every diet going in the past.. often losing 3st and then crashing out of it and gaining again. Never yet managed to lose enough weight to be classed as slim. Every diet that focuses on limiting food has me climbing the walls every day! VLCD is the exception - ketosis is stoping the hunger and cravings... only problem has been tastebud boredom. Hence the switch to cambrodge which has more flavours. So here comes a first for me.... I intend taking this ALL the way and getting my BMI into the healthy range!!! As I started at 21st 6lb and only 5ft 0 short (BMI 59) I have a lot to shift, but with VLCD I know I can do it!!!!!!!
Been on Lipotrim for 13 weeks and lost 3st 10lb so far (BMI now 49) - and already passed my usual sticking point, YAY - So I know this will work and I'm looking forward to a slim new me sometime in 2007!!!!! :) :) :)

p.s. I work in a full time, have a very wonderful OH (life partner, not married and no intention of ever going there) and a daughter now age 22 (lives with her OH) - I started learining to play flute last year and now belong to an amateur orchestra and a junior windband. So I'm basically a happy bunny with food issues that I intend conquering!
:) And really enjoying the new flavours!!! :)
Hi there and welcome to the site!
Your post has inspired me as I was frightened to put a number to how much weight I want to lose but your quote
I intend taking this ALL the way and getting my BMI into the healthy range!!!
has spurred me on to work towards the same goal. It's too early for me yet to say I will lose X amount of pounds but I can say I am going to get my BMI into the healthy range so THANK YOU SO MUCH!
bluemoon xx
Bluemoon: you're absolutely welcome! It can seem very scary put it into numbers at first. It's taken me 3 months to get where I feel ok looking at the whole picture.
The way I look at this.... it's my body and my life and I can't rely on or blame anyone else.....this is down to me alone. I have to find the determination cos I know I'm worth it!! (affirmations sure help, LOL) :)