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  1. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Hi everyone

    Desperately now trying to lose 5 stone and I think this site will help with with all the support and motivation I need. I have been enjoying reading your experiences on here so far. Yes, we are all in it together!

    I picked up an old copy of SW (Aug/Sept2009) magazine the other day, so this is my starting point.

    I am in my late 50's and my weight has been gradually going up over the last 15 years, after being a size 10 in my 20's through to mid-40's. I used to eat very little and exercise like mad, even though I didn't enjoy it very much and looking back I realize I has a very different problem back then.

    So, sensible eating and moderate exercise (ie walking for now) is the way forward for me.

    Let's get going then..... :grouphugg:
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  3. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Well-Known Member

    Hi Elaine :)

    Well done you on deciding to do this In a sensible healthy way. Even if it takes a year. Who cares it's a year of u focusing on you and most importantly, loving yourself :) I have a saying that I use "I love myself unconditionally right now" I say it out loud a few times a day because before I used to say I know il be happy when I have this stone gone or when I fit into this dress.... Ok so I'm not where I want to be weight wise right now but I'm working on it and showing myself self love along the way.

    The very best of luck on your journey. We are all here for you :)
  4. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Thank you so much for replying so soon you have given me such a lift already.

    Happiness and success is wished for you for today, your birthday and every other day
  5. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Well-Known Member

    Thank you Elaine. Weight loss journey is such a personal thing but there is no need for us to go it alone totally. It's great to have support and encouragement here from everybody. I love it :)
  6. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Well-Known Member

    Hello Elaine & welcome. Are you going to a sw class or doing it on your own? Are you goiing to put your food on here?

    I find that I often confess what I have done, don`t stop me doing it but it is nice to know that somebody is reading what I say and making friendly comments.

    Good luckon your Journey .

  7. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Hi nanny Doreen, I'm trying to go alone for the time being, but will probably join a group in time to come.

    I am still finding my way around this site and yes, will start a food diary online. Do I just start one as a new thread? Or do i add the food diary here? Told you I am not much use on forum!!

    I haven't done too well this week (shame on me and it's my first week too) but not because of the food but because of wine!! I said to my husband and daughters last Sunday "don't bring wine in it's too tempting for me - I am happy if husband buys himself beer as its not my tipple - so what does he do - brings in a bottle of my fav sauvignon blanc. Needless to say, two bottles were polished off by 3 of us that evening! I am so annoyed with myself for giving in the first time!
  8. holly xxx

    holly xxx Well-Known Member

    hi elaine - dont feel too bad about your slip up with the wine - just set your mind on having a better week from this point on - i dont drink alcohol at all, apart from the odd tipple at christmas time, so luckily i dont get that temptation - but every time i drive past macdonalds, now thats a different story! - unfortunately i am a complete lover of junk food - i hate fruit and salad so i have to make up for that by stuffing up on veggies - but it makes it soooo hard to eat healthily - good luck with your journey! xxx
  9. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Well-Known Member

    I agree with Holly Elaine. You can`t go back and change it, just start again. I don`t drink except on special dates like Weddings or family weekends together. Then only a cider or two. My problem is just food. I didn`t go to club last week cause I knew I had put on so continued to eat till this week and put on 6lbs in the 2 weeks. I am really a bad example but know all the pitfalls and am very good at theory. I just keep plugging away and hope to get there one day.

    As for your food diary, just continue on here, we know where you are and can maybe help you along the way.
    You know where mine is and Upndown puts her food on it too.,
  10. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Thanks Holly - your McDonalds is my vino! I will be here to support your goal too.
  11. Elaine55

    Elaine55 Member

    Hi Nanny D, well here is my food diary for yesterday

    Breakfast. 1wholemeal bread roll 40g with 2 scrambled eggs

    Lunch. Sandwich of 2 sl.ices 40g bread, 1tablesp light salad cream, salad and 20g cheese, I muller light peach Greek style yoghurt

    Tea. Steak, jacket pot peas, breaded onion rings

    Snacks. 5 strawberries 2 plums, 2 coffees with 1 teasp sugar in each, 1 r whites lemonade lolly

    Here's the REALLY naughty bit - we went out for our tea so had 1 large glass wine, then bumped into my daughter and had a small glass of wine with her - anyway I am still proud of myself as I normally would have hac 2glasses with my meal, then got a bottle to take back home o share with hubby BUT I DIDN'T so I call that progress. Note to self: can do better today.

    You should be proud, nanny D that you have lost over 2st already and that truly inspires me, so thank you for that and onwards we shall go!
  12. upndown

    upndown Well-Known Member

    Well done on the wine - I think everyone has something - mine is anything with sugar or fat in it - so danger everywhere I look!! I've subscribed to ur diary - I love ur honest straightforward approach!

    Nanny Doreen and I have been bumbling along together celebrating our losses and commiserating on the other stuff! I think lots of ppl find losing weight tough - but Minis is the first place I've felt comfortable to tell all and there's lot of support to be had - which u seem to have found already.

    I'm sure ur finding lots of threads for inspiration - here's one that Nanny Doreen and I used to enjoy - but sadly the lady who set it up stopped posting at a time she was really struggling but there's lots of good ideas on there if u fancy a peep!


    As ur probably finding out - it's good to post regularly - hard when we're not on plan and perhaps feeling down - but the lovely ppl here find a way of picking us up, dusting us down without making being judgemental and that's just what we need ion the bad day isn't it? Good luck to u - I look fwd to following ur journey.
  13. Joannelouise81

    Joannelouise81 Well-Known Member


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