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Hi everyone, Soon to be a loser. And abundent with questions. Sorry to bother you all

:wave_cry:Well here goes, I've lurked my fair share far around these forums for a few months, I have been inspired to start the Cambridge/Lipotrim diet. But I've run into a few problems, I am very aware that this forum is in the UK so I have been trying to calculate stones and calories in a new way, As I am from the US. I believe I am (227lbs) which equals = 16stones at 4Ft 10in:cry:, And my goal should be in the 9stone (Is that like 120lbs?)range. I was looking over the Cambridge website and I noticed the calories are calculated in example; 450k? Is this the same as the numbers used in the US nutritional chart, I was also curious if the Lipotrim is sold in any US pharmacies, Everytime I google it I get either someone doing a fraud review which they follow up with "This product is better, And approved by more funny people in hats and coats. So buy ours instead of lipotrim" I've never been "fit" or skinny a day in my life, And I've always wanted to know what it would be like to actually jog or run, Without feeling winded or tired. :eek:) Maybe meet someone special..lol I have had alot of fears that kept me from dieting, Some being my fear of hair loss, I love my long hair but I noticed someone posting about what is really going on and what the chances are, Thanks a bunch! :D As for my other fears loose skin is one, But I think I may be on the upper hand, Because I am only 18, Anyone else in their teens trying to lose? I am excited and happy about the chance to change my ways. I had a treadmill and when it broke it was sent outside into oblivion, But I fixed it yesterday and I will start during some walking everyday, Work it up in moderation. Anyways, As excited and scared, I am more over happy to start my change. Ive done a blue million crash diets, Always doing what they do best, Crash. I've never been open about it either, I never had any support and the little I did usually became more destructive to my diets, They were a er, Super [STRIKE]Crash[/STRIKE]Diet crasher. Anyways thanks in advance for any words of wisdom or advice, And I want to congradulate all of you for the leaps you have already taken and continue to take, You're my inspiration.
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Welcome to the forum :)

14lbs does equal 1 stone, so if you want to get to 9 stone that would be 126lbs.

Can't answer your question on the nutrional side of things as I believe your cambridge products differ to ours?

Not sure if Lipotrim are UK based only.

Regarding loose skin and hair loss, a lot of factors do determine whether you would be affected, regarding loose skin, original weight, genetics, age etc all play a part. Hair loss, some peeps get it some don't, but it does grow back and I don't think its severe.

If you do a search on the forum, there are numerous threads which should help answer your questions.

Good Luck xx


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Hi, didn't want to just read and run, just wanted to say Good Luck and all the best for your diet (don't think you can get Lipotrim in the US but you can get Cambridge)! :) Keep us posted!


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No hair loss for me, yes a bit of saggy skin under my arms and tummy etc but I`d rather have that than the five stone extra I was carrying around lol.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do theres so much help and suppport on here xx
hiya welcome to minimins. I dont know about lipotrim why dont you email them and ask there is prob somewhere on there website. Cambridge has a lot more variety than lipotrim. I havent suffered any hair loss and im on this since the end of january. Im kinda worried about skin but id rather have loose skin than be fat! hope this helps.

becky x


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Hi, I'm a few days behind in reading the posts but felt I should reply to you. I've lost nine and a half stone in under six months and just like you have never been thin before and it's wild when you actually break into a run without thinking about it. Get on the Cambridge diet, it's the best and my hair dresser who I've been to since before I started the diet agrees that my hair is thicker and shinier than it's ever been xx


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Hey There Just Want To Say A Huuuugggggeeeee Welcome To The Best Site On The Planet,its Fantastic On Here.
I Wish You The Best Of Luck,im On Cd And It Really Is The Most Fantastic Diet Ive Ever Done,
Elaine X
I have been doing CD for 3 weeks but only found this site today. The support on here seems great and whichever diet you choose I am sure you will find some solid advice and support on here. Best of luck, make sure you keep us posted with your progress. x
Thank you all,

Thanks everyone for your speedy replies and kindness, :D I had a few other questions reguarding how to combine LP and CD or if its better to just SS CD by itself, The main reason I want to do CD is because I was aproved for a lapband and before I go under the knife, I want to try and lose it myself as I am very scared of lapbands what with all the horror stories about dumping. :eatdrink017: It will be another week before I can afford a good supply of CD, Which during that time I was curious if anyone has there own way over preparing for the diet, I saw alot of people talking about going on the atkins before hand or switching to a low calorie diet ahead of time before switching to the VLCD.:):bliss:Excitement has me very energetic, I spent an hour on the treadmill and I could have gone longer.:rolleyes:

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