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Hi everyone, started the diet today :)



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Jus thought i'd say hello :) Hows everyone doing?
Hiya Ninababes, I'm SJ, I'm on day 19 of soul source (ss for short). There is a daily thread going with a great bunch of girls on, new comers and old timers (not age wise LOL). The thread is IT'S SATURDAY, LETS DO IT HOUR BY HOUR XXX, and we begin a new one every single day.. it's a great thread, full of help and inspiration. You'll get to know us all soon, and MINIMINS is your rock when things get tough or you just want to gab. Did you start today then, on SS?

Wishing you luck hun. xxx
Hi ninababez, welcome to minimins :). I hope you're having a good first day on the diet. Well done for taking the step to do CD, i know how difficult that can be. I hope you have great success and if you need any support this place is wonderful. It has really helped me to achieve my goals and everyone is so friendly.

All the best xx :)
Hi there, welcome to minimins and cd. The first few days can seem tough, but stick with it, It really does work x x
Thanks all for the lovely welcome....have posted on the daily thread, not allowed on the SS as i'm on anticoagulants meep :( so i'm on the 1200 plan and my CDC is very excited for me to get slim as she's never had anyone go on that plan before so it's a challenge for her too lol. Cant believe how many freebies you get though i got a lovely GI calculator book and a bmi thing and a lovely cookbook as i'm on the 1200 plan. And after talking with me i'm apparently a carb freak which is about right so i've gotta have low gi low sugar low carb and low kcal diet oh joy but as yet i can honestly say i'm not hungry


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Welcome Ninababes, you'll have to let us know what you're eating. I for one will probably dribble! Do you have to stay on the anticoagulants long term?
Yeah i've been on them since i was 18 so that's 6 yrs now as i've had 2 spontanoues DVT's...one below knee and the last one above knee when i was 19. Just had a chicken salad for tea tonight and think i'll be having a bowl of tinned mandarins if i feel hungry...got 1 tetra left for today which i'll probably have before bed and so far i've drank nearly 2 litres of water which is probably why im so full lol
lol sorry splash, just had my bowl of peaches...didn't have any mandarins in. Whats it like having only shakes to eat? i mean do you feel hungry or do you just crave for things?

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