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  1. clarish

    clarish Full Member

    Hi my name is Clare from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Im 35, just registered last night as I was impressed by this forum after reading a few posts. Ive come on here really in need of a little support so all messages would be appreciated.

    Anyways a bit more about myself, I started my weightloss a year ago after realising I was a size 32 and thought where am I gonna buy clothes from if i continue, My scales said 24st I dont know exactly how much because my scales only registered 24st MAX!! I wanted to cry.. so the challenge began.
    Just before Christmas I weighed in at 19st 5 but probably like alot of people I gave myself a week off all those festive treats were screaming at me.. well unlike most people my christmas feast seemed to last too long (well if Im honest 3 weeks ago) I weighed myself 21st 11 GUTTED :cry: so alas my diet and exercise began again and yesterday I weighed myself I was 20st 12 hooray :D

    I would like to set myself a goal to get to 12 stone (what i was before being pregnant with my 16 year old son) but Im not brave enough so for now its a stone at a time. The diet Im using is a low fat/calorie counting one this method for me seems to work. Exercise wise Ive been doing 15min low impact cardio workouts twice per day 6 days per week, Ive now added from today light weights so all n all hopefully 45 mins per day till I feel fitter then I will hopefully be able to add more.

    Well thats me thanks for reading looking forward to getting to know some lovely people :)
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  3. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    Healthy eating and willpower!
    Hello Clare

    nice to meet you :)

    I started on xenical and healthy eating almost 3 weeks now. I started at exactly 21 stone :eek: and am now on a serious mission to get all this extra good for nothing weight OFF forever!

    Well done on your weight loss so far and for having the motivation for exercise. I am walking daily for exercise at the moment in all weathers. Though there is an exercise bike with my name on waiting for me in the shops! It will be my treat to myself when I lose another stone!

    Come on we can do it!!!!

    This forum is keeping me motivated and sane.

    Look forward to chatting with you
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  4. clarish

    clarish Full Member

    Aww thankyou pet for replying and congrats on your weightloss aswell ;)

    The cardio I do is low impact and I do it at home with my sis its called the big workout on fitness tv on sky its not too bad so far but hey at first I was ready to collapse 3 weeks on its getting much easier.

    Yeah I had an exercise bike once I used it for a coat hanger till I threw it in a skip wish I hadnt now!! I wouldnt mind a cross trainer but Ive never saw one which would take someone more than 17st lol sods law huh!

    Yes we can do it!!! and I look forward to chatting to you more x
  5. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    Healthy eating and willpower!
    Yeah I had an exercise bike once too, and decided to 'leave it behind' when I moved to a new home! wish I hadn't now

    I once lost 5 stone, with healthy eating and that good old exercise bike..but put it all on again and then some to keep it company :D

    Might give a low impact workout a try in the very near future. The bike I want only 'allows' a max weight of 18.5 stone, so if that wasn't a wake up call for me I don't know what is???? lol

    So here I am again, fed up looking and feeling like I do and so determined to do something about it. We should keep each other on track this time around!

    Must admit to hunger pangs today, but it will soon be time for my tuna, leek, cabbage and spring onion combination :eek: yum yum :D
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  6. clarish

    clarish Full Member

    hello again :), yep hunger pangs aren't my best friend on a night but I use it as an indication that I have had enough instead of thinking Im hungry as I think my stomach is well overstretched.

    my tea before was 2 skinless chicken thighs roasted on a wirerack so no fat or grease with green salad and hot sauce was nice but yours sounds delicious I love leeks. I usually try to have my tea before 6 and have nothing more until breakfast next day. Tomorrow it will be just homemade soup dinner and tea as Im saving my calories for my bacardi and diet cokes for tomorrow night!

    I know what you mean about being fed up bout the way you look me too pet, Im going on my first girls holiday at the end of July to gran canaria dreading the swimsuit sheesh, the plane seat and asking the pretty slim air hostess for the belt extender :eek: but we both have to remain positive and it wont be forever every pound is a tiny bit more confidence coming our way and yes I would love to share this experience with you is there any particular part of the forum you use?

  7. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    Healthy eating and willpower!
    Good morning Clare

    I'm up and on the computer so early as I am off out today shopping with my daughter. Not that I'll be clothes shopping, just looking and sighing :sigh: hee hee...while I watch my size 8/10 daughter slip into something cool and summery :)

    I can found in the xenical section on here, further down the page. That's where my progress is 'recorded'. I have done the whole healthy eating and willpower thing before, but this time the motivation and willpower just wasn't appearing for me, so I nervously and with an embarrased face :eek: asked my doctor for xenical. He was so lovely and after a quick chat on how they work, he prescribed them for me. I reckon he's happy I'm finally going to do something about my weight.

    Oooh girls holiday abroad, sounds fantastic, lucky girl. Don't dwell on the negatives, think positive that you will be lighter by July and on your way to a new you!

    Your dinner sounded lovely, its always great to get some new ideas.

    Well time for breakfast, I've got a long day ahead, hey all that walking is sure to help??? :)

    I have pm'd you!

    Have a good day.
  8. clarish

    clarish Full Member

    good morning :D
    clothes shopping atm I dont want to either its like a case of keep wearing clothes a little tight or too big lol I hope you have a lovely day with your daughter.

    My friend is taking xenical and find it works for her Im too scared to do anything like that if Im honest.

    yep us girls wanna have fun so we're off end of July 2 weeks on an 18-30 which will be mad the oldest going is 43 and the youngest 25 my sis is a travel agent and said its mostly older lot who go to this particular place anyways, so should be ok.

    Don't think I can get private messages yet don't know if theres something wrong with my browser or you have to post so many times, but yeah keep in touch. Speak soon me hopes :D out tonight with the girls in the toon, take care hun x
  9. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. I'm from the other side of the water to you.

    Pleased you have joined us. Good luck

    Irene xx
  10. clarish

    clarish Full Member

    Hi Irene thanks for the reply :D, I take it your from Gateshead?

    What a bonny little bairn on your signature x
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