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    Hey, I'm Mel and am 28 years old. I'm currently working alone to lose weight and I thought it would be good to have the support of some people online who are going through the same thing.

    I used to go to Bodypump and Zumba classes but the place I went to since closed and I haven't found anywhere new to attend yet so I am doing my workouts at home with the help of Pump FX dvds, my home gym and all my exercise equipment, as well as following the "clean" diet as much as I possibly can.
    I wish to lose as much as I can to get to a good weight, however I am not overly concerned about what the scales say as I am more into my body shape, and as I do Bodypump, muscle weighs more than fat and I'm building up my lean muscle whilst not looking like a bodybuilder!

    I'm just going to get used to the site and hopefully I will get to know you all soon, looking forward to getting a chat with you all!
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  3. FitnessCrazy

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    Yes I learned not to depend on the scales too much as it just tends to demotivate when you don't see instant results, and as lean muscle weighs more than fat then you could lose fat but gain muscle, so the scales aren't really a true method sometimes!
    And you are so right, its fat we want to lose. Yes my workout is effective provided I stick at it, I am lucky in that I tend to tone up quickly, I love the barbell and dumbbell workouts though, its really effective and enjoyable. Do you still do it?
  4. FitnessCrazy

    FitnessCrazy Member

    I did Bodypump for 9 months last year then last summer I kind of fell out of doing it, although I didn't give up altogether and did it now and again but that's no good, you need to do it daily I think. I started on doing it daily again in January so I'm getting there although I'm practically on my knees by the squat track :D
    I have scales which measure everything so I can keep track of that body fat percentage!
  5. FitnessCrazy

    FitnessCrazy Member

    I got mine from Lidl a while ago, it was £14.99, really good value too. Bodypump is a barbell class, it lasts 55 minutes and is really good. You get the warm up, shoulders, triceps, squats, lunges, biceps, shoulders, back etc all in. I really enjoy it. I don't go to classes any more but I bought myself the Pump FX dvd's from Amazon which are pretty similar and I do that every day at home.

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