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Hi everyone!


I am new here and I hope to get inspired and perhaps one day inspire someone.

I used to be fit and sporty before I had my child 10 years ago, but things went wrong and I entered a vicious circle that has grown to enormous vicious sphere since. I will be 40 in 11 months and want to be slim, fit ,healthy and get pregnant! :D

I need to lose a huge amount of weight, complicated by hormonal, psychological and back problems that started this nightmare for me. I have been homebound for many years and require care - that has to end now! My goal is to be able to look after myself by end of August and be able to go for a short walk outside. This means losing a lot of weight - ideally fifty pounds in the next 14 weeks
My longterm target is to loose 178 pounds.
I am making a start tonight at 19.01- and there is no way back form there. I simply have to do this to save my life and my family.

Best wishes for everyone here!

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Hi and welcome to minimins, what plan are you going to follow? Good Luck in your weight loss journey.
Hi Jim!
Congratulations to you-I see you reached your goal. ( Need to check more -just getting used to this forum)

I am going to start with detox and then oil-protein based diet. I don't like anything sweet so eating fruit will be a problem for me and giving up salty spicy stuff a nightmare. But I need to do this-not sure yet what and how, just decided I need to make a start.

I have many good habits, like drinking only water with fresh lemon or pure cranberry juice, some herbal teas and loads of vegetables, salads etc. But I also have bad habits like eating late, not eating breakfast, eating bread, butter, potatoes and pasta a lot.

So I will start with lemon water only day to give my body a break and plan my detox for the next week.

I am planning to buy a machine that would allow me to exercise- power plates type.

That is all- as I have just made the decision to fight this thing.
Yes I have reached Goal, it took me some years, but slow and steady suited me. You sound very motivated and that's a good start in itself.
I see that you used Atkins plan, are you still happy and feeling healthy? I hope so.

I don't really know how this all got outta my hand, one day I was fit and healthy with a healthy new baby, and a year later I was twice my weight, depressed and unable to move . My back problems mean I can't do much exercise- I am sat in a chair all day long. Somehow from a healthy person I turned into a miserable wreck. So I just have to sort things. Starting with trowing away stuff that I must not have at home, there is not much as most of what we eat is really healthy. Then I am going to have a weigh in tonight and start from there.
Oil-protein diet is somehow similar to Atkins, but it is vegetarian mostly and only fat allowed is flax oil, coconut oil and natural oils in seeds and nuts. There is as much raw veg as one likes, and some cooked grains like quinoa and buckwheat.
We already like this stuff and cook with it, so it is not going to be difficult transition, more being organised, control portions and stay away from high GI carbs. - well and all the processed meat that is my downfall.

I think the way you lost weight, slowly and steady is the best way, but I have to do this fast- I just cant have another birthday being miserable, or Christmas, or anything really...so I need to do it as fast as possible. I shall se how my body responds as I have never been on a diet before.


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Hiya 9of22

Well done on taking the first step thats where we all start and its one of the hardest, im sure you will find plenty of support here and advice and help and even just a good old chat

Keep smiling
I see that you used Atkins plan, are you still happy and feeling healthy?
I am indeed, 100% fit and healthy here. :)
Thank you Irene and Kazzy for your support. I will see you around :)

Thanks Jim, I think Atkins is especially good plan for men. My weakness is processed meat products and this is why I am giving up all meat, also for a few other reasons.

My biggest struggle is going to be eating breakfast- and sweet one ( hate sweets taste) - as it is a part of the plan I chose ( for other healing benefits mainly)

This week one I am going to get organised and will see how thing go.
Thank you all again!

I discovered some of your success stories and pictures and am very impressed. :wave:


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Good luck with it all gives a shout even if you just feel like a chat
Thank you

Need to buy new scales because the ones I have are showing my weight between 18-21/1/2 stones- that is not very encouraging.

Also looking to buy power plates style exercise machine-as I need to improve my circulation and strengthen my stomach/back before I can try to walk a bit.

It is quite scary to do this finally and I never thought I will sign up in a forum like this! Well - making the first steps :D

If you have links to your personal stories/pictures/advice/fav. topics please share:)
yes you certainly need proper working scales, we have the new digital ones, very accurate.

You wanted som links, here's one

yes you certainly need proper working scales, we have the new digital ones, very accurate.

You wanted som links, here's one

Thank you. I worry when I look at digital scales that I break them as I am so heavy.
I was thinking to get some that also measure fat percentage, not sure how accurate they are. I have very small budget so need to chose wisely.

i will encourage you keep it up, don't give up, freedom is near.
Thank you, that is very nice of you. I need to find my way around this place and start a diary and find some people who will help me - and of course I would try the same.
I was thinking to get some that also measure fat percentage, not sure how accurate they are. I have very small budget so need to chose wisely.
I've seen them, but I have no idea how they work love.

I know how you feel about the scales. When I started I was well over 25 stone, it was a few weeks before the scales could even weight me.
Yeah, it is very embarrassing. The worst thing is that I know a lot about nutrition and make my family eat really well and be active- however, I exclude myself from this and give in to my cravings. Overeating is horrible thing and it creates negative vibes around food, leading to various vicious circles. The fatter one gets, the more dificult it is to move, hormonal imbalance is next, that leads to more eating etc...
Breaking the vicious circle is very difficult. I actually managed to get myself in order a year ago-it lasted 8 months - till Christmas- since I have not been able to control the eating. Well, I am taking charge now but now with another objective -that of loosing weight rather than just focusing on one health issue.

It is going to be great-I know I can do this.

The scales are scary - I have to do it though.
You'll do it, you sound so positive about losing weight.

Thanks for your comment on my success thread. I't's got me really thinking about how my life has changed. I will post a reply when I've got it all sorted out in my head.


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You can do it and i know what you mean about making the family eat healthy while you give in i was the same made lovely healthy meals for everyone then spoilt it by stuffing my face with junk aswell that i didnt really need,, i had some scales that done the bmi aswell there pretty good i just prefer not to use them at home as id be on them all the time i managed to pick mine up in a chemist when there was a sale on them

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