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    Hi there. Not being very technical, I have been ambling abround the minimins site for days, not really being sure about what I am doing, but finally, I have found where i need to be looking! I currently weigh 25st 5lbs, and began the Cambridge Diet on Friday. I am so glad I have found this bit as I find talking with people who have as much weight to lose as me helps a lot, and seeing people who have done it is sooo inspiring!! I have done so many diets in the past, but this time it really is different. Its not about how i look anymore, its about being alive to see my kids grow up. Its a scary journey to be on, and I hope coming on here will give me the kick up the bum I need!!!!!:D
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    Hiya N2Be !

    Welcome to Minimins, loving the positivity and may it long continue :)

    Go for it

  4. Sass

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    Just wanted to say :wavey: and was wondering how things where going for you with your diet ?
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    Trying to teach myself good habits
    Hi nurse2be. Good luck with your weight loss

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