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HI FI bars


Just doing it this time
they do the chocolate orange one - I love this one - it's my favourite.

Hubbies favourite is the pecan nut one.

I can't remember the other flavours - if I remember I'll get back to you.

Have you checked online? - obviously not because you've asked the question. Sorry to be a bit dim.

Gilly x


Now to maintain.....
they do a chocolate orange one......yummy!

strawberry one...yummy but very sweet!

lemon one...i havent tried but hubby loves!

toffee/pecan one....quite nice.

cranberry one.....again i havent tried but hubby loves!


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chocolate mint is just like eating After Eights :D I also like the lemon one - waiting for mince pie ones in class - hope they arrive this week want to know what everyone is raving about!
I love the lemon ones. I have one every Thursday with a tall sugar-free vanilla soya latte at Starbucks!


Just doing it this time
you must have a lot of willpower if you get a pack of each x 3 bars ! Too much temptation for me - I buy two packs on a Tuesday night and you can guarantee me and hubby will munch the lot in less than a day - gotta stop buying them.


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yeah my will power is good :)
My mate has tons of chocolate and chelsea buns and garlic bread and tons of yummy stuff in the cupboards, but tis not mine so dont eat it.
My boss this week keeps trying to tempt me with cake!!! but i say NO. and go eat my banana.
I wanna lose the weight i gotta not cheat.
am kind of at target, had a blow out when away for Burghley, put 4lbs on in 3 days, takes weeks to lose it......lol


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mmmmmmm, yummy
So hubby bought some Hi Fi bars at group this week ( thought they were £1 for 3, but alas no £1.35 for 3, so not as good value as i thought :()
S he didnt have enough money for all the flavours, but i have tried the mince pie - YUM - Toffee and pecan - YUM, Lemon - YUM, and just now the chocolate and mint - YUM.
Will get some of the other flavours next week.
Glad you like them! I have a whole drawer just for my hi-fi's and other HEB cereal bars, it's always full because I tend to buy 2 packs every week, but don't always have one every day.
I bought the Mint, Chocolate Orange, and Lemon ones this week, first time trying any of them. Absolutely love them!

I use them as my breakfast, and count them for HEB, as I just don't have time in the mornings to actually make breakfast. Think I have to make sure I get a couple of packs every week now.
i love the lemon ones buy 2 packs every week have them for breakfast with a cup of tea and a banana (i dislike cereal) dont think i will ever get bored of them:)

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