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Hi from London

I'm new, obviously :) I have about 70 or 75 pounds to lose (I'm originally from the USA so I understand pounds more than stones or kilos). I am on Slimfast right now and I am thinking of doing Exante. :) I have too much stress in my life right now and I hate cooking, so a pre made plan like that sounds so great. Not having to worry about shopping or meal plans for a while would be amazing. I am going to read more posts on here and do more research online over the weekend, before I order a bumper pack. :)
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Welcome. I'm a Londoner too, doing SW which suites me very well. Here's to your weight loss journey, may it go well for you which ever way you decide to do it.
I'm from London to. Doing this journay alone..i dont go to WW or SW, just go to the gym and eat healthy. I was wondering is Slimfast good? I'm thinking of buying some products..
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I know people who have lost weight easily with both slimfast and a meal delivery diet. I think the main reason is portion control. If you have set meals, you have set calories per meal, and are soo much less likely to overeat. I know from experience that the extra helping at meals is often something that you don't think twice about, i mean whats a couple more spoon fulls? the problem is do this every meal and the calories soon add up :(

I've tried slimfast milkshakes before, I only substituted lunch, instead of 2 meals. I found it helped me keep my calories down for the day and did help me stick to my low calorie diet. I actually liked the tatse of them too :) and I wasn't as hungry as I thoughtI would be!

I say give it a go if you have trouble controlling portions! even if it's just for one meal a day.

Let me know how it goes and good luck!

thanks everyone, for your replies. :)

after a week or so doing slimfast, I have to say that I believe the shakes are too high in sugar for me to use as a total meal replacement. I notice that I get hungry again very quickly and this results in a midmorning hunger, maybe an hour and a half to two hours after having a shake. However, I can see myself using them later down the line for maintenance. They are 230 calories or thereabouts, and if you consider a typical dessert can be upwards of 500 (!!!), I think having a slimfast choc shake instead of, say, cake.. would be a healthy option.

in the meantime, for weight loss purposes, I have ordered an exante bumper pack of shakes and soups. the bars don't sound all that good, i have to say! :/

If any of you are wanting to know a good hand blender, I got one at Argos that is REALLY phenomenal. It's a Phillips HR1341, according to the box. it is so easy to clean and it takes no time at all to blend up a nice shake. :) I think it was about 18.00 but worth it, in my opinion.

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