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Hi Girls old and new


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I am back after 2yrs and a 3 stone loss on cambridge. I am back to that stage where i cant take being this size 20 stone any longer .
I searched for the quick fix watched everything on tv could open a book shop with my search the "secret "and my conclussion, what we all know is eat healthy and move more. Not rocket science.

What i lack is disiplin (and the ability to spell) which only i can control . I need to be sure in my head that i want to be healthy more than i want to be unhappy , extreamly tired all the time, consumed with food, low self esteme. So the question being what am i getting from my present state of mind and situation.

I would appreciate food oops sorry feed back !

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Welcome! The first thing is to ask yourself how much you want this weight loss? I don't mean to sound preachy but if your head isn't in the right place then the weight will never come off!
At least you know there is no quick fix, if there was then no-one would ever be overweight and someone, somewhere, would be a very rich person!!
Slimming World is a great plan and works for just about everyone, the only time it doesn't work is if people don't follow it - simple!
You say you lack discipline..... on SW you can have whatever you want, within reason for the treats but if it's food you love then you can't go far wrong.
Have you ever written yourself a list as to why you want to lose weight and the reasons you can't? My consultant always tells us to do this if we are struggling and the results are quite amazing - the reasons against are usually easily fixed and the for reasons are astounding!

If you really want this then you CAN do it, find the support of a good class (if you choose to go to a class) and with the support of this wonderful forum, you WILL succeed.

Good look Andrene!
Jay xx


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I agree with above. YOU can do this if YOU want to. Remember you have to do it for yourself and nobody else and you'll be fine xx


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Thanks for advice

I agree all you said but i think i mayhave posted it on wrong group im planning to healthy eat and exercise.

This is a wee list of clubs iv tried to date:copon: im sure there will be others out there who have similar experiences.

weight watchers
slimming world
scottish slimmers
slimming tablets

and a few i cant remember there names


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Well good luck with whatever you choose to do, but remember, any of those clubs would have worked if your head was in the right place. I tried them all unsuccessfully but my reasons for losing weight weren't right and I didn't want it enough. Good luck.

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