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Hi guys im new

Hi All,
hope I can join your forum. I joined LLT last monday with a start weight of 92.6kg. hoping to get down to about 65kg. So approx 4.5 stone to loose.

I had the intro class last Saturday, got my doc to sign on monday and then started my first class that night. So very speedy.. i was worried if i delayed it I would be another few pounds heavier.

A bit about me. Im 28 and live in South London. I've been on just about every diet going before. I was recently on Atkins and loved the plan but while I didnt gain on it, i wasn't loosing either. I tried WW but again i kept bouncing upn and down with the same 2/3 pounds. I just want to do this once do it right so i never have to do it again. My BMI was actually about 29 but I requested a shorter height so I could do the Total plan:D. I just thought that if i am going to go for it I might aswell go all the way. I have a number of weddings at the end of May and my target is to be very close to goal by then (not sure if that is possible). So far the food packs arent bad. I def prefer the shakes, I love the Chill corn Carne and hate the tomato soup. I will try everthing once though. I am a bit worried about a holiday i have have coming up though between week 3 and 4. I am determined to stick through it all though until i can fit back into my size 10's. Been good on the water but have almost finshed half of the flavournig already! (i was told it should last me serveral weeks:confused:).
Anyway just saying hi to everyone.
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Tough But Sexy X
Hi and welcome.

You will find some great people on here with some brilliant support!

Just remember when you feel low or want some advice come on here and you will always find that the lovely peeps on here will help pull you through.

There is sometimes challenges that go on like the valentine one just finishing, you give the amount you want to lose. I find it motivates me seeing everyones losses each week really spurs you on. I have just joined the new Easter challenge and look forward to hitting my mini goal for that one too.....

Good luck with your journey. x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww, welcome on choosing LL! It's gonna work for you, it can't fail!... Just stick to it, and you're weight will drop in no time!

The holiday will be tough, but you can do it! I was abstinent all through christmas (my week 4!) which was tough... but so glad I did it!

The water flavourings used to last me about a week, so don't worry! Mind you, I find they make my stomach a bit odd, so don't use them anymore... :)

Welcome Skinny!

You've made a great step coming on here - I couldn't have got as far without this site. I would recommend you start a diary in that sub forum I find it really helps me.

Gud luck on ur first wk, I've just started too, I'm feeling really gud bout LL at the moment - even a little excited. I think it's reading everyone's losses on here!
Hi Skinny,

I'm not far behind you I start on Wed (can't wait!), good luck for your first weigh in I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Kirstie x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol... Yup, the peeing is normal! You get used to it! ;)

Welcome Skinny,
Don't worry about the water flavouring. IT's unlimited, but works out quite expensive if you have loads.
For me it helps in the toilet department so I use it 2 days a week in all my water.
Good luck.

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