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Hi I am new - is this good so far?

I am doing EE from home, I don't have as much as some to lose but i do have a stone and a half to shift. I am 5ft 2 and weighed 10st 7.5 when i started which classed me as overweight. I know that I am happy with my body when I weigh 9 to 9.5 stones so that is what I want to aim for. I am being a bridesmaid twice this year, the first time in June so would like to aim for then.
So far this is my weight loss:

Week 1 -2.5 pounds
Week 2 - 0.5 pounds

I recognise this isn't loads but would this be due to me not needing to lose stones and stones?

Would you say that aiming to lose a stone to a stone and a half by June is achievable?

Many Thanks for any advice!

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Hiya Sunshine, your stats aren't too far from mine. I think your losses have been fine, I've had four weigh ins and have lost 1lb, 1lb, 2.5lb and 0.5lb. I am now 10 stone 3 and would like to get down to 9ish stone by May, it's definitely do-able as long as we stay focused and don't go off plan too often! Post your food diaries then people will be able to help you better to know if you're sticking to plan xx
Thanks Maverick,
Its good to see your losses are similar to mine, I realise I am not going to see massive losses like some people do but as long as I lose something every week, even if just half a pound then thats fine as it's a loss! Will be very happy the day the scales say under 10 stone! Not too far to go! x


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I am similar too. Have been doing EE for about a month now and have so far lost 5 pounds. My stats are the same only i'm trying to get to 8 and a half stone. Currently 9st 7 so a stone to go! I didn't lose last week and was wondering what i am doing wrong, but knowing that u guys are going slowly makes me feel better. I am switching to green next week to see how i go. I am gonna hit the gym extra too as feeling very guilty about the 2 huge spring rolls and prawn chow main...and red wine i drank last night! Hee hee! Had enough syns left for the chowmain but not the rest so no syns this week!



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I'd love to get to 8 1/2 stone but can't imagine what I'd look like!! Don't think I've been that size since i was about 12!!!

I've only ever done EE and have never understood how red/green days work. Sounds like more focus on what's going into your mouth, and I like that I don't have to do that too much right now!!!


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Yeah, green has taken me some time to get my head around! Will let u know how i get on! x
Still losing slowly but surely!!

Week 1 - 2.5
Week 2 - 0.5
Week 3 - 2
Week 4 - 0.5

I guess this averages just over a pound a week which if it carries on I will be happy with! I did also have a dominos pizza, a chinese takeaway and a meal out to la tasca over these 4 weeks so may explain the 0.5 losses!! x