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Hi i am new !!! scared and excited

My tip is too keep busy...... I'm on day five and I found the first three days a mission day 3 especially. Keep busy and space your meals out accordingly.

You will be fine some people say days 3/4/5 are the worse but for me I can honestly say the first the days were the worst for me,

You can do this! It is trying on times but as I say keep busy and the days will fly by.

Thats all I can say it done give up in the 1st couple of days (the first 3 are the worst)... Make sure u drink plenty of water - regularly through out the day - this will make u feel less hungry... By day 4-5 you should be in ketosis and you'll feel gr8.

Good luck for your 1st weigh in - let us know how u get on!


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good luck honey :) the first few days are difficult but they are well worth it :D your first weigh in will make it all worth it :)

abz xx
Hi there, I am now on day 4 and I found the first 2 days ok and yesterday was hard. I think it was because I got up a lot earlier and there was longer gaps between meals.

I suggest if you can, to leave breakfast a little while until you are hungry and then each meal after that whenever you are ready for it. And yes, plenty of water as the others have said.

You don't have to deal with any problems alone. Start a thread and everyone is really supportive and will help you as best as they can.

Good luck on your journey and keep us posted. :D:D



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Hello and welcome :D
Well done for joining the CD revolution!!! Hurrah!!
My top tip? Believe in yourself. You can do it, if you really believe you can. XXXX
Awww thanks everyone... i am so glad i found this forum, i love the fact that i can talk to people who are doing the same journey, i haven't told any of my friends i am using the diet, as i had a conversation about CD with them and i just know that they wouldn't supportive. So i have decided that on the forum you are not strangers, just friends i haven't meant yet and we can all support each other.

Well day 1 first Shake and i was quite impressed, i had the banana one and i loved it.

I have just moved house so i have plenty to keep me busy during the day, thats if i don't spend me time on here haha x
hi I'm on day 4 and definately found yesterday the hardest but today i feel good and positive. Its so true that the best thing to do is to keep busy. I did my wee test this morning and it was the pink colour it should be so started the day buzzing that my body was doin what it should be doing. I feel like i have lost weight but resisting the scales. You can do it .........we all can !!! xx
i'm luving the shakes with lots of ice at the mo
where does everyone get their ketostix...i am worried as i dont really feel like i have lost weight yet and would like to know if i am in ketosis or not (day 5) i dont have any scales at home so cant really check either
Hi tel77

You can get the sticks from you cdc, they are addictive though! but always good to know your body is burning the fat away!!

Good Luck!!


started CD= 6.4.09
week 1= Bank Holiday
week 2=14lb :D
hi good luck im on day 13 and have ost 14 and a half pounds it really works xx
Hi tel77

You can get the sticks from you cdc, they are addictive though! but always good to know your body is burning the fat away!!

Good Luck!!


started CD= 6.4.09
week 1= Bank Holiday
week 2=14lb :D
thanks for that my cdc didnt mention them ...maybe she didnt have any that day lol
hi tel,
i got mine from my cdc, but i think if if you doing everything 100% you have nothing to worry about even if you've not been 100% you probably will still lose . Fingers crossed but i'll think you'll be fine....stay positive x x x
Hi tel77, I got my ketosticks from my local pharmacy (Lloyds) and I think that you can get them from most Chemists as people who are diabetic sometimes use them and also for other conditions.

I am now on day 12 and I did find day 2 a bit hard but nothing too bad and the rest of the days were fine!

I lost just under 11lbs in my first week which I was so chuffed about and I can't wait for my next weigh-in on Thursday.

This forum is fab and there is lots of support here as you have already seen :D

Good luck with it, I am loving the CD!


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Hi and welcome to the CD. I am on day 3 now (which is yet to be over - my first goal). It is hard but coming on here is addictive, motivational and my path to success.

Good luck in your journey and we are all here and in the same boat to help each other along. x:p

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