Hi I'm a new gal...


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Hello all!
I've just discovered this site and am so far really impressed and excited to find somewhere to chat to other CD ppl!:)
I'm going to meet my CDC on weds! I'm not totally new to it though as i recently lost 4st on LL. I've sadly put about a stone back on :(
I'm therefore back on the wagon today, as i had alot of LL packs left over! I've decided to do it the CD way mainly
due to cost and variety of flavours!
I'm really excited to be back in control! I've got about 5-6st to get to my goal. I want to be as close to my goal as possible by 1st April 07, as i'm cheif bridesmaid for my best mate an although the dress looks O.K, it would look even better if i had less of a tummy and smaller arms!

I did have a couple of questions if any CD's out there could help me!?
*on LL we were given individual packs, looking on the CD website it looks like the packs come in boxes of 21. Do u have to take a box or do u get them individually?
*will drinking diet coke knock u out of ketosis?
*what flavours are niceor your fav?

Thanks all! Cant wait to get chatting to you all!:D
Claire x
Hi Claire

I've just switched to CD from LL, i only did two weeks with LL because i didn't think the counselling was up to much - they just assume everyone has an issue with food, plus the counselling was practically non-existent anyway!

U pick ur CD packs individually in same way as LL

Haven't tried enough flavours to tell you which is best, but i can tell you the bars are much nicer than LL ones, i quite like the Choc Orange and the Cranberry Crunch, but they are a little on the sweet side for my taste, but they are really popular - so that is probably just me!!!

Coke would knock u out of ketosis as far as I know, because it would give your body something to use for burning energy instead of ur fat stores, but i'm not an expert

Good luck x
Hello Claire,
yes this site is lovely and a godsend at times!, you can buy packs individually so you get a mix of flavours, my fav soup is mushroom, it's lovely but I hate spicy tomato as it tastes sweet, fav shake is chocolate and I love the bars,
I have read on site that coke zero is ok (a small glass) as it has no citric acid to knock you out of ketosis, but someone who knows for sure will come along soon.
good luck with with your weightloss journey! hope it all drops off quickly!! xx
Hi Claire!!

The butterscotch shakes are my fave, and the chicken and mushroom soup.


I love chocolate shakes warm!!! There completely fab, as for coke as I understand it coke zero is okay in moderation but you have to see for yourself as for some people it can kick in the hunger pangs!! Sarahxx.
Hello Claire,
Personally i dont like any of the soups and i only have the Chocolate Mint, Banana and Strawberry shakes. One of each a day! Some people like to have a variety, and look forward to the shakes but to be honest because i am never hungry, i get the shakes over and done with and then onto whatever else i have to do.

Ziggy xx

Most CDC's stock the full range so hopefully you can pick what you fancy.

If you have had a break from LL before starting CD you will not be able to have your bars for the first two weeks, but oh wait until you do they are lovely.

We also have ready made cartons only in two flavours though banana and chocolate.

I would steer clear of any fizzy drinks other than sparkling water without flavour. We do a flavouring that can be added after a week or so.

Any other questions please ask.

Good luck.
hi Claire

This site is cool isnt it? I havnt been here long but im already an addict! :D

I also started on LL and i managed to lose 3 stone, then i changed over to CD and that became 4 stone, since then i have put just over a stone back on- i had the summer off, and have struggled to get past day 4 since!

Any way day 1 for me and all is well!
I also have a wedding next year- hopefully mine, ;) we were getting married 28th Oct this year but postponed it for various reasons! And i also have 6 stone to go!

Good luck on your journey
And good luck on Wed, i get weighed on wed but will only be day 3 for me so not expecting anything yet!
So chuffed you're getting what you want from this site CJ_06.......:D :D :D

It's addictive isn't it?

Love and best wishes,

Hi and Welcome CJ

Looking forward to sharing in your weightloss successes!

Dizzy x
HI and welcome.
Hope all goes well when you see your CDC.
Looking forward to hearing about your weight loss journey.
I think this site is great.
Everyone is so friendly halpfull and supportive.
Have fun