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Hi, I'm a newbie.....First WI over...phew!

Hi all,
I'm new to the forum, just joined! Happy to be able to hear about everybodies journeys, think this is going to be such a help! I've just had my first weigh in today....lost 9 pounds, was absolutely delighted, couldn't believe lost that in one week! I haven't found the hunger too bad so far but it's keeping it secret it from my friends and co-workers that i find the hardest. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any help greatly appreciated!
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Hi & welcome and massive grats on ur 9lbs! thats great! I bet your so chuffed with yourself.
Personally I told ppl, but I told them it's not a topic up for discussion, and if they could pls not discuss food infront of me that would be great, but that's sometimes hard, I said I realised that, and I'd have to be strong too.
And all of them were grand about it, cept one. Someone said; this is the way to find out who you're true friends are, and they were right.

Plus I come here every morning, so see how all my new true friends are doing :) keeps me focused, and pushes the darkness away
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Hi Lady Daisy.. Well done on your great loss x x

Hello and welcome to the forum jilld..... I hope you have a good LT journey... If there is anything you are unsure of, or just need advice/support/encouragement, we are all here for you x x
Thanks guys!

Flutterbye, maybe being honest is the best option with my friends anyway. I might try to figure something out for work. I totally agree, it's only my second day on here and I feel better already, huge support already just reading about other peoples experiences.

Jilld37, congrats on starting! I think that water really got me through the week. Any time I felt hungry I just drank water, its amazing how less hungry you feel. Also, I tried to get to bed reasonably early or at least relax watchin tv or something after work. I found I felt quite tired, still do actually but it's definitely getting better. i'd stay away from exercise for your first week aswell.
I honestly find the food alright, the soup, chocolate and strawberry shakes I find the best but the vanilla now is isn't the best imho. But I was recommended to try putting a spoon of coffee into it and its apparently grand. ( i dont drink coffee so no good for me im afraid!) And the peanut flapjack is seriously rank, i only tried one of those and won't be again!
How did the first day go for you today?


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Hi and welcome lady Daisy and well done on your fantastic loss x
I find this forum is great and gives you loads of encouragement reading everyones LT jorney x
S: 16st2lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st4lb(7.96%)
Hon, stay here a while, let us pump you up and then take them on :) Plus reading everything you can about it will help you. Your real friends may only jump to a conclusion that it's an unsafe diet, out of worry for you, I know mine did.
I simply told them I wasn't doing it alone, I had a pharmacist backing me up, and about the refeeding help and the maintenance help, and that calmed them, and now they know what I can have and can't (it's not hard ^^) and help by not mentioning food, atleast for now, til I get stronger.

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