Hi there - guidance for a newbie please!


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Hi All,

I'm "Mrs Fishskin" (so called, based on the fish like nature of my true surname...!) I've been skirting around the edges of this site for a long time, but had been a bit nervous to 'dive in'. I feel like I need to try something new to keep me focused, so this seemed worth a shot! Please be kind o_O

I've been trying and failing to lose weight for about 3 years. I joined a local Slimming World group some time back and whilst the plan itself was suiting me great, I couldn't get along with the groups. They felt too confessional and eventually I slipped and gave up. I've been dieting in fits and starts since then, but I don't seem to have the determination to get past a couple of good weeks without crashing and burning.

I'm currently sitting in at about 90lbs heavier than I once was, or would like to be. I turn 30 in just about a month and I'm so upset with myself for still being this way.

I'm really here looking for support, regular ability to check and get guidance ... so here goes! Wish me luck and please get in touch.

For starters...anyone got any words of advice or support to help keep me going??

Thanks guys & here's to 90lbs!
Mrs F.