Extra Easy Rejoined hopefully I can keep it off this time!


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Hi! I first joined Slimming World in June 2016, I went to group sporadically and mostly did the plan from home.
I managed to go from 18st 1 and a half pounds down to 11st7lbs over 18 months with a few breaks here and there.
Early last year my mental health went extremely bad and I was admitted to a psychiatric unit for several weeks, it took a good 4 months after that until I felt stable and in that time I'd gone up to 14st.
I kidded myself it was down to my weight gaining meds - my weight continued to climb and over Christmas I was lacking confidence, disappointed with myself and accepted it wasn't just the tablets, it was the regular takeaways, fast food and copious amounts of chocolate I'd been eating.
I knew I needed to get back to Slimming World, I also knew I needed the kick up the bum and support of group to do it and help keep it off when I get to target.
On 02/01/2019 I joined my 7pm Wednesday group - first weigh in was what I expected deep down, but still a shock to see it on the scales - 16st3.5lb! I really did beat myself up mentally over undoing all the hard work I'd previously achieved, but accepted it is what it is and got on with the plan and got my head around the changes.
In my first week 09/01/2019 I lost 4.5lbs, bringing me down to 15st13lbs. This motivated me to crack on and hopefully lose 2.5lbs for my half stone award!
Second weigh in 16/01/2019 I almost fell off the scales when it read 15st4.5lbs - 8.5lbs lost! I got my half stone and slimmer of the week.
This week I've been 100% on plan bar Saturday when we went for a meal and on reading the menu and realising it wasn't Slimming World friendly or adaptable, I decided to just enjoy my one meal and accept any consequences - I've absolutely loaded up on speed food since, hoping that despite my blip I can lose 1lb to get my stone award - if it doesn't happen though I know why and at least I enjoyed my meal!
I'll update every Thursday morning how I've done on the Wednesday night and also use the thread as a personal food/exercise/motivation diary!
My short term goal is to look ok in a bikini for my holiday in early June! Long term goal is to get back down to 11st7lbs which is the top end of a healthy bmi for me and fit back into my size 12 jeans, tops, trackies, dresses and lounge suits that are currently hung up looking forlorn at not being worn!
So tonight 23/01/2019 2lb off! I got my 1 stone award and have lost 1st1lb altogether in the 3 weeks since I started. I'm so happy to have such a good start on my SW journey.
I was hoping to get a pound off this week to get my stone, so to get 2lb is amazing - especially as I was expecting a maintain or a small gain as I'd had Saturday evening off plan and came on my period yesterday.
Looking to next week, I'd love another 2lb off, however I'm going to London for the weekend, I'm taking plenty of fruit with me for breakfast Saturday and Sunday, hopefully I can find a Subway for lunch on Saturday and Sunday and maybe a Wetherspoons on Friday evening (jacket potato, beans and salad) and a beefeater on Saturday night (steak remove fat, swap chips for vegetables and a baked potato side without butter). That's the plan.....going to keep syns to a minimum this week so if I do have to go off plan over weekend it will hopefully limit the damage!
18 more weigh ins now til my holiday - plenty of speed foods and lots of walking to give me the best chance of losing as much as possible before I go!
So, last night I didn't go to group. After speaking with my partner I've decided to go it alone with his support - the group is lovely and the consultant is really enthusiastic, however, our son will not go to bed at all for his Dad until I get home and read him his bed time story, this results in him being emotional and cranky on a Thursday, he has additional needs as it is so the result of a late night impacts him more than most.
I can't go to the consultants earlier group as my partner isn't home in time for me to go, and if I'm honest, now I've reacquainted myself with the plan, I'm not getting anything from group other than shiny's and certificates.
Plan of action - continue following the plan, whilst also logging everything into MFP to make sure I'm not over or under eating. Carry on using my fitbit to help me aim for my 30 mins continuous walking and 8000 steps a day. After dropping my son at school each Monday walk to the doctors and weigh myself there.

My weekend away........ we arrived really late to the hotel on Friday night, weren't sure where anything was and being gone 9pm we'd of struggled to find somewhere to eat with our son, so we had pizza in the hotel! Washed down with a bottle of Peroni and followed by mini eggs and a creme egg that we picked up from the supermarket by the hotel!
Saturday, Wetherspoons scrambled egg on toast, 6 kfc hotwings (no chips), waffle with melted chocolate and cream, chicken burger and chips - plus 1 pint of IPA and 2 pints of lager! I did walk over 22k steps though so that's something!
Sunday, I chose taking a bath over going for breakfast, late lunch was Nando's half medium chicken, peri salted chips and coleslaw. Supper on getting back home was a ham sandwich and the best part of a box of chocolate biscuits from Xmas.
As you can see my plan to stay to plan as much as possible didn't quite work out! I enjoyed myself though and it's not like we go away every week - I weighed on Monday having already decided to go it alone and had gained half a pound. I was pleasantly surprised, I fully expected to have packed on half a stone!
So far this week I've had fruit for breakfast everyday, and either fruit or an omelette for lunch. Monday tea was Thai green curry with rice noodles, Tuesday was chicken tray bake and slimming world chips, last night was chilli con carne with rice - tonight is leftover chilli with slimming world chips. My healthy extras have been 1 cheese allowance, 1 milk allowance for a options hot choc (2 syns) and 2 alpen light's. Syns besides the options have been a fibre one square and either a fibre one cake bar or a brunch bar - I'm off to Asda later to pick up their own brand version of the fibre one cake bars, I really want to try the blueberry muffin flavour!
I'm struggling a little to get my steps in with it being icy - I've just about managed up to now but I'm gonna have to order some grippy things for my trainers before it gets worse I think.
Nothing coming up this weekend to throw me off plan food wise so here's hoping I get this half a pound back off and a bit extra! I'd love 3 and a half just so I can be 14st something!
Last week went fab, until Saturday 🙃 Started off with us taking our son to Muffin Break for breakfast and my other half insisting I had to relax a little and have a treat - so I had a muffin and figured it'd be ok, on plan rest of the day, no more syns, it'll be fine.
We decided to have a spontaneous trip into the city, where we ended up in maccys - so I had a cheeseburger and fries and accepted it was a cheat day. We did an awful lot of walking, so I didn't put too much guilt on myself.
When we got off the train at home, we decided to nip in Wetherspoons for 'one'.......... one turned into 8 and I don't remember getting home and in bed!
Naturally a skinful on an empty stomach meant yesterday I was extremely rough and barely able to move off the couch, I didn't have an awful lot to eat, but what I did have certainly wasn't 'on plan' - I still weighed today, figured it was best to know the damage and start afresh.
I lost 3lbs! Bang on 15st - little bit gutted if I'd not gone off it at weekend it could have been more, but still really happy with 3 off.
I have meal planned everyday for this week and done the big shop so there's everything in I need. When Saturday arrives, I'm going to have a lie in and let Daddy take our son for breakfast on his own!
I'm aiming for at least 10k steps everyday again this week and have bought one of Davina's workout DVD's to have a bash at everyday. Praying I see that 14 something on the scales next week!
I had a non scale victory this week too, I've dropped from a size 18 to a roomy, comfortable 16! If I can be in a size 14 for my holiday in June I'll be really chuffed. Just gotta stick with it and stop sabotaging myself at the weekend!
Hey, nobody replied. You seem to be doing well. How is it going now?