Hi, im a Newbie!!


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My name is Dawn! How are you all?!!
Found this site through googling a 'syn-free beef burger' recipe !! I just joined Slimming World last week, and havent even begun my diet - although weigh-in is tomorrow :(
I seriously need to lose some weight, my son is 17mnths & i have a lot of exciting events this year i would like to look good for!!
My worst habit is, picking!! I'll give my son a bag of mini-moo malted milks, or mini jaffa cakes, and i'll pinch one or two. Either that or i forget to eat, then eat something like a big bar of choc or maybe a few bags of crisps! Cheesy chips & coca cola are the worst!!!
Also hopefully looking to make some new friends - all mine are skinny and dont have much to do with me now i have a child!
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Hi mummyboo

I'm new to this site too, I'm the same as you I have a 6 month old boy and a little girl who's almost 3 and I'm terrible at pinching the odd sweet here and there.

I'm at slimming world too and I must admit I'm struggling a bit, but I've had some excellent weight losses when I've stuck to the plan. You just need to get yourself in the right frame of mind, there's no need to go hungry with this plan, It's just about making concious decisions to pick at the right foods.

I'm sure you'll do great at it, good luck with your weightloss journey

Claire x

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Hi Mummyboo

Welcome - I'm fairly new too, i'm trying to follow the slimming world plan. I have done it before and had good weight losses when I really stick to it. Trying to shift 1 1/2 stone before holiday in June. Cheesy chips hey, try a huge plate of slimming world chips with cheese as your Hex A then you dont feel like you are missing out. Good Luck - let me know how you get on.


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First weigh in last night :: -2.5lbs!!!
I felt so good walking out of there & coming home to tell my son! Yes, he is 17mnths and doesnt understand but i told him ''Mama's lost weight bubba, 2.5lbs - thats good isnt it?'' and he looked at me & gave me a huge grin - THAT made me more happy!!