hi im a newbie


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hi over the past 5 years my weight as gone through the roof and when it seems as if getting on the right path something happens to knock my confidence n i seek comfort in food. Since having my beautiful daughter in march, i want to get myself sorted and be a yummy mummy not someone who is lefted puffing and panting after playing for 5mins. Any help or advice is very much welcome.
Im hoping to start my diet on the 1st of jan because i know my will power will not resist the xmas treats/drinks.:)
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new year...new me!x
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hello...i am new to this too. i have been battling with my weight all my life and have not weighed less than 13 stone since i was 13 yrs old...it has now come to the stage where i am going to take the bull by the horns and do something for ME (i am one of lifes 'givers') so i have just started on optifast shakes in preperation for my gastric bypass surgery which is book for 14th january. i wish you luck with your weight loss journey x


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Hello and Welcome - This is a great site and I have been reading posts with great interest as I am due to start my cambridge diet on 6th January roll on 2009 so the pounds will start rolling away lol