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Hi I'm looking advice to loosing weight fast

Hey, My name is Ron.
I'm a 29 year old male weighin in at 13 stone. I'm not obese but could stand to loose a few stone to get rid of the stomach and the moobs( which actually ain't that large).
My diet consists of
slimfast skake and 2 apples and banana for lunch and dinner.
Then 30 mins on bike around roads and upperbody weights.
My problem is that i can't stop munchin after exercise.
Please give me tips as I wanna loose weight quick.( I'm a typical bloke with no patiance)! Thanks

ps i'm 5"11
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Hi and welcome. Are you eating enough especially since you are exercising. Aren't you supposed to have a proper meal in the evenings? Have a look at the slimfast website and the literature on the tin for advice. Also our slimfast section

Irene xx

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome to the forum
I wish you luck on your weightloss journey :D


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really don't think you are eating enough hun.
you aren't overweight for your height.
have you thought about maybe just eating a normal,healthy and balanced diet and upping your exercise?
maybe try something like slimming world where you can have food if you get hungry after exercise and still lose weight?
sounds like you just need to target those moobs and tummy to me.
Cheers for the reply. The last forum i was on didn't even bother helpin me.
What is a healthy balanced thingy ma pup?
I'm firing out roughly 10,000 walks per day on the walkometer thing, then 30 mins on the exercise bike(which has me breakin a sweat,not through unfitness, through sheer determination and fear)!
See i don't really wanna eat a set meal in evening. I'm happy with the fruit option. Plus my job is kinda 24hr call out, so a roast goose isn't in the menu!
Is the slimfast shake a bad idea?


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Hey Kid, the slimfast shakes don't cover all you need during the day for vitamins, etc. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt too much in short bursts but you need to add in protein and other good stuff over a longer period. Other diets that use only shakes/meal replacements are carefully designed to give you everything which I dont' think slimfast is. I also think that exercise without the right food will eat your muscles (not what you want I suspect).
Might be worth investing in a book to give you a bit more basic info?
Good luck.


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Oh yeh, for evening meal you could use ready cooked chicken, tins of tuna/salmon/sardines for quick fixes. I tend to overcook meals when I cook and freeze them in individual portions for when I'm late in from work (stuff like a bolgnese sauce or braised steak in gravy).

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