Hi, I'm new and I need some help, I am so disheartened


Hi everyone

My name is Shell and I could really use some support or advice.

I am 5ft 3, 156pounds and 42yo. For the first time in my life I have started a healthy exercise and diet regimen. I am working so hard at it, eating 1500 cal or less a day and working out on a cross trainer, 45mins a day, 6 times a week. I am eating very healthy food.

In 6weeks, I have lost 4 pounds or about 2kgs in my part of the world. I feel I have lost nothing. I just feel so dishearten, I really expected to lose more. Am I doing something wrong, I feel ready to give up.
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well maybe its a health problem you might have thiroid problems or it could be if your taking medication? .. or maybe its something to do with calorie intake, on the otherhand you could just be in a fase of your weight staying the same, since its only been 2 weeks where you havent lost anything, if thats the case dont give up it should pass.
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Have you taken any inch measurements? Maybe you're putting on muscle (which is denser than fat), and losing fat?


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Hello Shellc
Don't worry about what you see as a small weight loss. If there are no medical reasons for this, you probably just need to fine tune your food intake. You don't say whether you are following a particular weight loss plan but if you are just trying to keep to 1500 cals of healthy eating it is so easy to guesstimate and forget little extras. We've all been there and done that!
You've done well to lose 4 lbs but I think you may get better results if you followed a formal plan.
Let us know how you get on and GOOD LUCK


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any loss is good news IMO :D

the slower the better....whats the rush?...just keep at it...and those few pounds all added together in a few months time will soon equal a good weight loss :scale:

any time i loose alot of weight quickly . ..you can guarantee i put 2/3 rds of it back on in the following weeks! :(