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hi im new, im in a state and i need help if anyone can give some

hello, im gemma, im engaged to ian with 4 children, im 29 and my kids are 9 4 2 1 im getting married in 90 days, im 15.8 and very miserable, i am sqeezing into an 18 at the moment but i really want to be a 14 by my wedding, im really down and woould like to know if this is possible, i am actually sobbin as i write this cos i feel so ashamed of my self my wedding has been planned for ages and ive left it so long, i have been given xenical tabs by my doctor and i have joined ww
hello everyone:wave_cry:
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Hi Gemma
how exciting a wedding

well as for getting to a size 14 I could be possible if you really focus
average weight loss with WW is 1-2lb a week (often more in the first couple of weeks) xenical is supposed to up this amount by an extra pound I believe
so 13 week x 3lb = 39 and that is over 2.5stone so could easily be a couple of dress sizes
if you do lots of toning exercises as well that will help build muscle as you burn fat so giving you a leaner look

you have set yourself a hard task - but with dedication you could manage it

even at 2lb a week that is very nearly 2 stone and a lot of people say that it is a stone per dress size on average

good luck on your target I hope you make it

H xx


Hi and welcome to the WW board. I'm with Irene take one day at a time, but as H says on average you could loose 1-2lbs a week with WWs which could be increased with Xenical.

Chin up never known a bride that isn't beautiful



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Hi. Have you thought about swimming? I know we often don't feel up to putting on a swim suit when we are feeling rubbish about ourselves but in your case you have a short term goal which can help to get you over the initial nerves. Swimmng is excellent for toning up and should help you reach that goal of size 14. Chin up there is always a way x


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Just wanted to say hi and welcome and everyone has great advice on here so keep posting and please dont be so hard on urself. u have made such a great step joining us here and also startin ww.

2lbs per week is easily achieveable if u stick to ur points - if u check out my loss each week u can see when i stuck to plan i have lost between 1-5lbs per week!!!!! and when i cheat then i dont it simple as that. u have a great incentive cos u have an amazin goal to work towards - picture yourself in ur size 14 wedding dress and remember that everytime u want to eat somethin bad or go over your points then you are taking a step back from your dream. its not worth it - u will feel like a princess if u stick to the plan - i know it works

ok so to start with post your menus and also check out what we all eat for ideas so u dont get bored. also check in if ur fellin down cos all us girls motivate each other.. and when we fall off the wagon we make sure we get straight back on - but honestly if u stick to this for the whole time you have got left till ur wedding then im sure u can get close to your goal - it will take determination.. but it sounds like your at a place now where u are really dedicated to achieving this and being happier and confident. so stay on plan and u will see amazin results

i hope you are not upset anymore - go and enjoy the sunshine and keep ur chin up and eat some healthy food today to get you on your way!!! also any exercise will help - my exercise routine went from nothing to me now being able to be in the gym for 2 hours at a time.

i was a size 16 and nearly 12 stone at christmas just gone (at 5ft4 thats not good for me) and now i am 10 stone and a size 12 almost a 10 .... so this diet does work - and i know from experience if i had stuck to this the whole time i would have had the weight off in half the time - i was silly and made the journey alot harder for myself - so take my advice and try stick to the plan as you will see the results i know u want so much in time for your wedding

good luck - we are all here for u.. no more tears!! xxxx
Hi Gemma, don't be hard on yourself, the weight creeps up on us without us realising, especially as you've had 3 children in 4 years plus an older one, so you would have to have been an angel and fitness freak to be your perfect weight. Do as everyone else does and write down your menu on here. When you see it written it's harder to cheat and you do get good tips.
Yes, swimming is a good all rounder exercise and really tones well. My weight has been going very slowly since the first week, but I have noticed a big difference in my shape and my hips and lets (which were my real problem) have slimmed down a lot.
Hope you're feeling better now and use your diary to help you loose those pounds. Don't worry, you'll look amazing on your wedding day. xx
Hi Gemma and welcome

I dropped a dress size every 10lbs so it might just be do-able in the time frame if you really put your mind to it and do some exercise as A says.

good luck
Rosie x

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