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Hi, i'm new, joining a class on tues, wondering what to expect.

hi everyone :)

i'm joining a SW class for the 1st time on tues and i'm not sure what to expect.

my gran has been going to SW in cyprus since January 2011 and she has lost 3st which is amazing and has inspired me to join SW.

i'm a bit scared that i'll be the youngest (20) and fattest there :/

any advice would be great, thanks :)
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Hi there!!

Welcome, you`ll find loads of support both here and at group. Your consultant will have a chat with you & other newbies while the rest of us weigh in. Our weights are never broadcast, just the amount you lost. If you maintained (or gained), you are given loads of support.
At our group, there`s a slimmer of the week and a raffle. Plus a general catch up with what`s happening in SW.
Takes a while to get the hang of it, but hey, YOU`RE WORTH IT!!
thanks :)

i was worried that everyone would know how much i weight :). i've been reading posts on here and things and it seems everyone enjoys the diet and has fun with it. :)
Dont be silly you should never think youre the fattest, youre just YOU! Everyone is different & youll LOVE IT! Im nervous at meeting new people but I wouldnt change my group at all you get so much support and help from the consultant and everyone else in the group! You feel so proud of yourself when everyone claps about your weight loss so enjoy the class & enjoy the fabby free food you can stuff your face all day yummyyyy!

Your awards will also boost ur confidence about your weight.

Enjoy and good luck hun!

:) thank you, i've never been to any weight loss class type thing before so it'll be interesting :)
Don't be scared,people are lovely, all in the same boat,just go and sit with someone who looks smily ,just say Hi im new can i sit with you ;) and ask them how they are finding it,before long you'll have made new friends ;)

Good luck.
hi there

:) once you get into it and get to know people you will be fine, your consultant and others will give you loads of support and advice . good luck and let us know how you get on :D

thank you all and i will let you know tuesday night :)


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Well done for biting the bullet!

I think everyone is a bit scared at their first class but after the initial nervousness just before you walk through the door, it really is fab.

Try to remember that everyone is there for the same reason so there is no need to feel anxious about your size. There are people as young as 14 in my group and the oldest member is 84!

Good luck for Tuesday! :)


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I joined a week and a half ago after putting it off for months coz I had the exact same concerns - unfortunately not the age part though lol - but I was put at ease the minute I walked in the door, i wasnt just greeted with a load of skinny minnys who would just stare at me. There were half a dozen other new members the same night and the other members were so welcoming, my leader is fantastic+it's great to hear advice from someone who in the past had weight problems so she knows what she's talking about.

Wishing you lots of luck though with Tuesday :) enjoy x
Remember also that if you're conscious of your weight and are going to a SW meeting, the chances are every single person in that room is conscious of their weight and won't even be thinking about you. A bit like a swimming pool. Everyone has walked through that door for the first time at some point. Besides, people WILL be smaller than you. They're the ones that have worked to get to where they are now. Take inspiration from them. That'll be you soon :)

Personally, I focus so much on my own WI result when I first get there, I barely notice who else is even there until I've weighed!

Good luck. We're all here for the support if and when you need it.
thanks everyone for your advice! it's great to know there is support here, even though you don't know me, unlike at home.

thanks bunnylush, i have done and she has asked me to come 10 mins early :)
Hey Flissglitz - good luck on Tuesday I want to join too but struggling at the moment - loitering with intent I think at the moment on here - let me know how it goes :)
Good luck for Tuesday. Why not pop on the Tuesdays weighers thread and join the rest of us that get weighed on a Tuesday.

I wasn't too sure if going to group was for me for the first few weeks, but that didn't last long and everyone was really friendly.
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will do, thanks so much guys :)
just to let everyone that the class was really good, had a really nice consultant. i dont know what i was worrying about!!!

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