Hi im new just after some encouragement


S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi everyone well i started my Lipotrim sat 30th jan
Start weight. 14 st 10
bmi 32.
size 16 ish
got my first weigh in friday just dont know what to expect... im bein good drinking lots of water and quite like the shakes but as im a single mom of 4 bordome gets to me quite quick.
i found today day 3 i became constipated SORRY but i had more water and all was ok...
Any tips or and advice much welcome.
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5 stone to go!
heya welcome aboard.. sounds like ur a busy bee then eh! dont worry you will lose weight, thing with this diet is u have to realise that if you stick to it and do what your told to do thats all you can do you cant do any more or less to speed up the weight loss. i say this and i still havent got used to it.lol. it really does work and when it gets tough just come on here the support from here is amazing. try your shakes with coffee or sweetners and even in a blender with crushed ice. water is the key so drink lots and keep yourself warm with black tea and coffee and peppermint tea. remember 2-4litres of water a day.
try and keep yourself busy, youll probably notice the house will become alot cleaner!
also stock up on facemasks to relax when you have the time,and get as many early nights and baths as possible. enjoy the journey. theres hardly ever a time we can think of ourselves so much!!....best of luck x


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Hey mom-of-4 Im a mum of 2 with a husband that works away all week so know exactly what you mean about the boredom eating - mine was always in the evening when the kids are tucked up in bed.
I started at the exact same weight as you....have been doing it 3 weeks and have lost 18lb - its truely is amazing!
Wishing you lots of luck - if you need encouragement you have come to the right place! xxxxxxxxxx

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Hi... i'm new to this! I started today at 13st 11 and i'm 20 and got my 21st birthday party and two holidays coming up in the summer. so really want to get 3 stone shifted!!

i have found today pretty good, i have drank about 3 and a half litres of water. i usually drink a lot of water anyway but i just felt whenever i was feeling abit hungry just to drink some more water... is that the right thing to do??xxxxx


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hi mum of 4, i'm a mum of 4 too starting my journey this weekend i'm just cutting down on carbs this week to help a little, but will be starting first thing sunday, i have about 4 stone i want to lose so hoping i can shift it with LT


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Best piece of advice I can give you, apart from the water and doing it 100% is STAY POSITIVE...dont look back and try not to be negative because this is when doubt starts to worm its way in!

You can do this, and you have to have belief in yourself that the diet works,,,,so long as you give it your all and stick to the rule.

Get on here as much as possible...I am a mum of none :) oh...does a wee pussy cat count ;-)!


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Hi there mom of 4 i am a mom of 2! and as said above i also find the evenings the worst time for eating out of boredom. my O/H also works away all week as someone else said so when kids are in bed thats when the greedy monster inside me comes out lol!!! hoping to kick that habit while on LT!!! this is my second time round and all i can say is stay on it til goal cause it is super hard to restart!! water is key as everyone has said good luck hun xx:)


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lots of mums on this website! welcome and good luck, I also had the toilet trouble around that time too :eek: but it disappeared pretty rapidly, I think water is the key to it, I usually drink like a bit of water before each shake, not sure if it helps or anything lol but as I said the trouble has stopped now! :)


S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks guys :thankyou: well its day 4 and im feeling great. . . got my weigh in friday wonder what i will loose....answers on a post card lol:bliss: