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Hi everyone,
I'm new here. I'm 24 and 95kg BMI obese. Lately I've been researching a lot of diets and everytime I Google them I end up here reading reviews. I love how supportive every one is. It's nice to speak to people who can understand the struggle with weight. I have always been fit and well I got married 3.5 years ago and got pregnant really quick and the weight gain started from there on. The relationship became kind of emotionally abusive I started to binge a lot feeling quite depressed. Got pregnant again last year, had my second child in February. And I became even bigger. Mentally I became a whole different person I'm timid anxious and introverted. I realise now I'm too tired to do things with my kids. I'm trying to get a hold of my life. He is out of my life now. It's time to be me again. So I hope you can all be there for me and I'll try to be there for you too. I just need the support from like minded people. I'm thinking of doing lipotrim/ new you plan/ shake that weight. I would live to hear your opinions on them. Sorry for the essay xx
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Welcome Wiitrr:classic_smile:

Very sorry that you have been through such a rough time of it.(((HUGS)))

With Lipotrim you attend your pharmacy and get weighed-in and I found this very helpful along with the support I received...you could start off with Lipotrim to help you with learning how to do a vlcd and later on if you find it’s not for you, you could then switch to one of the others.

Lipotrim is deliberately bland tasting so that it will help you break the connection with food...you do get use to the taste...when I did it I stuck mainly with vanilla and strawberry flavours and if you are on the diet long enough you do get to like the flapjacks :classic_big_grin: I lost almost 8st and unfortunately I didn’t keep it off as I went back to my old habits. Lipotrim’s maintenance prouducts gets a little more exciting with slightly sweeter options including a chocolate coated bar.

All the other vlcd’s have more choice and are similar in that they offer a variety of bars, soups, shakes and meals.

Lighter life and Cambridge Diet Plan also do consultations and weigh-ins.

It all boils down to personal taste and what you feel you need while doing a vlcd.


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Hi Wiintrr - welcome to the boards. And a fabulous essay!

This internet stranger is proud of you - as you got out of a bad situation, and are now getting yr life together for yr kids. Good job, Mama Bear!

These boards are a great place to learn, to be inspired, to support and get support - and to be accountable. Check out those plans and see what suits you pschologically (getting weighed by a third party is really helpful to some) and budget wise (LL more costly - but has phone or physical meetings which address the headspace that got us overweight).

Be prepared to pee a lot when you start!!



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Welcome back vanillapod:classic_smile:

Wishing you all the best on your journey :classic_big_grin: