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Hi I'm new : )...maybe TMI!


is loving the soup?!
Hiya, my name's Rachel and I just got started this morning. Obviously I am feeling a bit nervous, especially as I had the coconut flapjack for breakfast. My body didn't like it for some reason (maybe just that it was so salty?) and I actually threw up the quarter of it I managed to eat.
I don't want to complain but I couldn't keep it down!
Anyone else done this? What did you do?
Also...I collected my Lipotrim yesterday afternoon, but I didn't actually start till this morning because I thought it would be a waste to use a sachet on a day when I had already had lots of carbs. Was this right? Has anyone else done this and had a good weight loss in Week 1?
Thanks for any help,
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is loving the soup?!
Ok, so I had 3/4 of a milkshake and put the rest of the flapjack away for later. It was OK. Do you stop noticing how salty they are after a while?
Hi Rachel
I have only been doing LT for a week and a half but i am sure you are not supposed to have the flapjacks until week 3 or 4.....i am sure someone will clarify this later but I remember feeling like i needed to chew something on about day 3 and was warned against it!
Anyway....good luck on your first week, it's definately worth it!


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your chemist isnt really supposed to give you flapjacks until at least 3-4 weeks in becuase of the chewing thing..ie drinking the shakes and getting used to that before going back down the chewing route and reminding you of food again..id stick to the shakes at least for a bit, maybe putting more water in them so theyre not so concentrated and also upping the amoutn of water in them (which is all good!) and drink plenty today, especially in this weather!

good luck

h xx


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I didn't think that you should have flapjacks in the first couple of weeks... I just have chocolate shakes and the chicken soup and don't have a problem with liking them or keeping them down.
Maybe some of the more experienced LTs on here will give you some advice..:D


is loving the soup?!
Wow! Well done on your first week's loss, that is completely wonderful. You must be thrilled!
My pharmacist offered me the flapjacks, I don't think the chewing will be a problem, I hate the things : )
Rach x


serial poster
yourll be glad of something different in a few weeks and you might even enjoy them then (i did amazingly!) .id still stick to the shakes for a while :)

h xx


is loving the soup?!
Thanks! I can't believe the speed of these replies, I am so grateful!
Have a good day all xxx


a new way of living!
hi and welcome!

I had flap jacks in week 2, and they were tolerable then. save them till a couple of weeks time and they will be like a taste sensation!

stick with shakes for brekkie though, its easier on your stomach first thing. the vanilla mixed with coffee is my morning routine, its like having a latte.

it may take a short time to get used to diet, but stick with it, you will start to feel better after a few days and after ten days you will feel pretty good, and be a lot lighter! i have lost 10lb in two weeks and feel great about that.

read lots on here for advice, drink loads, and stay away from food/any drinks aside from water and black tea/coffee/peppermint tea and success will be yours!

all the best

Helen x


Says it as it is!!!
Yeah, your chemist shouldn't have given them to you ..not only because of the chewing thing..but, they should have at least waited until you are in ketosis as they make it harder to get there and should only be eaten when ketosis is fully established!
They are kinda harsh on the tummy to ..hence your episode...
Stick to shakes and roll on your WI xx
Hey, welcome on board rachel!

I think you were right starting LT on a new day - and if you can avoid eating any flapjacks for another week or so it would probably be best! I used to eat them but havent in a few weeks now - but they are deffo nicer toasted - so try that the next time - makes them easier to eat! :)

I remember starting LT - you feel a mixture of nervous and excitement - the first few days can be tough but just stay focused on ur goal and u will get there - thats the best thing about this diet - DREAMS DO COME TRUE!



is loving the soup?!
Thanks so much!


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Hello Rachel. Welcome to the Bobby Sands appreciation society. Take flapjacks back to chemist and ask him to change them for shakes.
Drink lots and lots of water (get a water bottle so you can drink on the go) makes you feel full.
If you feel low or down or are just plain suffering, come on here. Their is always someone here to help or just talk.

Hope this works for you and welcome aboard x


please try again
sorry to butt in but have to ask cankster

bobby sands appretiation society?


is loving the soup?!
: )
Thanks, I may be here a lot!
I didn't know you could take the stuff back...I am definitely going to do it with the flapjacks!
Right...better get to work instead of lurking on here : )


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Your pharmacist definitely should not have given you flapjacks in your first week- naughty, naughty chemist!

I had a flapjack in wk2- kindly donated by Miss Brite (cos she hates me!)- and once you get over the initial shock, it doesn't taste too bad. I wouldn't eat anymore this week because I've heard they can slow down the weight loss.

Good luck for day 3 and the rest of the week! xx



please try again
oh i know who bobby is and the others, lived in west belfast for years, cant live there and not know who he is ( that and ive a whole bookcase of irish republican books.

im just dense and cant see the link, lol
Welcome Rachel.

My chemist didn't know about flapjacks but I only had one peanut one to try the first week.

Try each of them to find which is your favourite. Some people try adding things to theirs to make them tastier.

Soup - add pepper, chili flakes etc but not salt
Chocolate - add coffee for a mocha or peppermint tea for a choc mint. Also make it with less water as a mousse or with hot water as a hot choc. I think some people freeze the mousse to make ice cream.
Vanilla - add coffee for a latte. I tried this this week and it was lush!

Good luck.



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Welcome aboard Rachel :D

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