Hi! im new on here heres a little bit about me.


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Hi All

I have been finding it hard to lose weight ever since i had my little girl 2 years ago. I work full time and dont realy get much free time. I have been with my other half 5 years now and were hoping to finaly get married this year or next. When i got with my OH i was 19 and i was a size 12. I put the weight on as soon as i went onto the contraceptive pill, I am now 24 and im a size 16-18. I have done many different diets in the past and i lose a few lbs but the weight loss comes to a stop and i end up putting it back on. I am more determined now than ever though and i am wanting to make this a lifetime change and not just a quick fix.

I hope you are all getting the results you want and i hope that you have all found the determination i need to keep this up.

I WILL most probably be asking for help and advice down the line and i thank you for any future support from you all.

Good Luck, Congratulations and speak soon x x :)
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Hello and welcome.... good luck with your weight loss journey x


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Hi Victoria. I can totally relate, I am still trying to lose the baby weight and my son is three years old. It can be a real challenge.