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Hi I'm new

Hi everyone

I'm new to here and am on Day 3 of Exante TS.

I'm really feeling it tonight and trying all sorts of ways to talk myself out of it, but I really, really, really want to get this weight off and can't bear the thought of doing a 'normal' diet again, like Weightwatchers, which is sooooo slow. I want to shed at least 4 stone by early summer.

Just couple of quick questions :)

- how come these Tesco bars are allowed? I can't bear the Exante ones; I'd rather starve :(

- is it really possible to do TS? It just seems so insurmountable. This is the second time I've tried, I managed 12 days back in October 2011 but I got completely bored. I think that's it; my life seems boring and each day drags so badly without eating.

Plus, I am absolutely STARVING! :eek:

Thanks so much.
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Im a newbie too, I dont actually start until Monday but I just wanted to leave you some words of encouragment.

You have done two days, your close to completely day 3, dont give in. Its only food, will only make you feel good until you finish it and then feel the guilt and sickness. keep going, every day is a day closer.

Maybe you should try to find an activity, a book or dvd box set to keep you going. I love comedies so have bough a few box sets to get me thru the first couple of weeks and then I am going to plan pamper nights, long walks etc. YOU CAN DO THIS, You deserve it.

ps: Sorry I cant answer the tesco bar question!
Of course you can do it :)

No doubt about it, it's hard the first few days - but once your body is in ketosis you'll stop thinking about food and stop thinking that it's not achievable.

I have just started my diet three days ago and wow I'm struggling and thinking how hard its gunna be. But I know in the long term it's worth it. (my best friend lost 4st 5lb in three month on this diet).

Good luck :) x


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Hi Edi

Yes the Tesco MEAL REPLACEMENT bars are fine not the snack bars though, and its the same as the Exante ones in as much you can only have 1 a day....they were on offer but i think its finished, still i think they are about £2.50 for 3 so still cheap compared to Exante!

I first did Exante last yr and really struggled wth TS so im back, but doing WS and will gradually redue my meal size so eventually im on TS - im hoping im more likely not to cheat!!

keep it up your doing really well xx


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Hi Edieangelo! I'm also on day 3 (of my restart...!) and I have around the same amount of weight to lose. Hang in there pal, I totally understand what you mean about WW and stuff like that, totally agree.

Just hang in mate, read a book or play on the PS3 or something, course its achieveable!


Hi. I'm also on Day 3 of TS. It's always the evenings that are tough. Try drinking water, coke zero, etc... and reading a book or catch up on your DVD collection; go to the cinema just something to keep you occupied. And just remember how great you're going to feel when you see those pounds drop off! Hold on to that thought. Looking at other posts, once you get through the first 3-5 days it gets a lot better.


Good luck Edi!

I start Exante on Monday, am going to try the total solution. I've failed it once before but am determined im going to stick to it this time!

I'm sure you'll do fine...think positive :)


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Hey! I'm on day 3 first timer doing TS. I'm doing okay although the smell of food is unbearable but motivation is to be skinny for my friends wedding! Does anyone know how to make the milkshake hot? Do I just put the hot water in and stir? ( feel stupid asking duh) :-( Any input will be helpful!

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The tesco bars are allowed because they have pretty much the same nutrients and calories as an exante bar. They taste gorgeous so it's great we can have them!

And yep it really is possible to do TS.
Have a look around the forums and you will see lots of success stories, not just on exante but check out the other vlcd forums too.

Good luck with your weight loss.


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Well done getting thru a tough day yesterday!!! You more than half way thru week 1!!


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Good luck everyone, started TS on Tuesday and weighed myself this morning and I have 6 lbs so it does work, I even had a small portion of cold turkey and a tiny bit of cheese yesterday and I still lost 2lbs overnight it didn't effect my weight loss Tasha x


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It is possible, can b hard but possible. You have to think of how quick you will lose that dreaded weight. Food isn't going anywhere, it'll still b there to enjoy sensibly when u are happy with your weight loss. And whilst Ur are food absent you can spend this tine looking for other things to enjoy rather than food x


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Just worried about getting gallstones, wrote to Exante and they told me if I was worried I should consider doing the working solution at 1200 Calories. I want to stick to TS but at the same time I dont want to end up in hospital having gallstones removed. So I thought maybe having a bit of protein might help? Tasha x


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Not everyone gets gallstones, and adding food won't stop it happening to you if it's going to, as it's the weight loss not the diet that trigger them. Try not to worry :)

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Thanks Divster, I really appreciate your advice, feel awful had a cheat day today, my daughter wanted some chips from the fish and chip shop so I went in with her and could not resist as much as I tried and came out with a large portion of chips and large sausage, feel terrible, I HATE myself, so back on the diet again tomorrow, hopefully have not put on the 6lbs that I lost in one day!! Tasha x


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tasha37 said:
Just worried about getting gallstones, wrote to Exante and they told me if I was worried I should consider doing the working solution at 1200 Calories. I want to stick to TS but at the same time I dont want to end up in hospital having gallstones removed. So I thought maybe having a bit of protein might help? Tasha x

As divster said if you're going to get them you'll get them. They're not exclusive to people on Vlcds people on WW and SW get them too


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Thanks Starlight, back on the straight and narrow tomorrow after having a naughty day today x


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Liked this quote:-

Watch your thoughts; they become your words , Watch your words; they become your actions Watch your actions; they become your habits, Watch your habits; they become your character, Watch your character; it becomes your destiny! Tasha x


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I'm a bit worried about gallstones too, had them while I was pregnant but they went away after, I think this means I'm prob more likely to get them???

But gall stones which is manageable/treatable over low mobility, no energy, feeling crap, feeling yuk, looking yuk, heart disease, diabetes etc it's kinda worth giving it ago.

I had a wee (large) blip tonight. On wards downwards and all that. Try ironing. I struggle with replacing eating while watching tv- ironings helping! And I bloody hate ironing!!!!!!!!!!!

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