Hi Just starting today

Tummy Tamer

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Well done you for starting, it is so worth it. Good luck and don't give up, even if you have a lapse just get right back on it again.

The shakes are nice hot, with tablet sweeteners. Drink plenty of water, after a few days ketosis will kick in and food will suddenly seem a lot less important.

Enjoy being good to yourself and looking after yourself, and "enjoy the slimness"


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Welcome and good luck Linda,
The first couple of days are the hardest until you get into ketosis and the hunger vanishes. Remember to drink lots of water.

Just keep posting as all the support and advice that you need is here.
This time next week there will definately be less of you!!


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Hi Linda!

Just go for it! The first few days will most likely be emotional, hungry and quite poo in general, but once that's over, the *physical* hunger will disappear :D We can all work on defeating the emotional or habit-based hunger together!

I like the shakes cold actually without sweeteners, I use a cheapy milk frother from Ikea, it fits in my (admittedly massive) handbag and gets out all of the lumps.

Good luck and keep us posted with your progress!


taking it 1 day at a time
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Welcome and good luck Linda. You should be able to lose those 25lbs in no time.
After day 3 or so your doing the easy bit. Once you're at goal the hard work begins. (Says she who got to goal last summer and is back again, although I'm determined this will be the last time).
Look forward to seeing 'less' of you.


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Thanks so much for your replies. So far so good. Had a bar this morning and have just had some soup. Feeling hungry but will drink water and have a shake tonight.