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Hi New Member - I'm fed up already


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Hi all, just wanted to say hello :wave_cry:. I'm in week 2 of ss ing. I was really pleased last week at my first weigh in and I had lost 8 1/2 lb. It's my second weigh in tomorrow - no cheating and I got on the scales and it looks like I've only lost 2lb:cry:I'm glugging the water like mad now but I'm so upset - I'm going to Dubai in August and I really, really wanted to get about 3 stones off by then but at this rate I'll never do it:( I'm so sad. My friend at work is doing Weightwatchers and has lost loads more than me this week and I've had to watch her eating real food....... sorry for moaning on. Hope it gets better.
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dont be so hard on yourself. as long as your sticking to it 100% you will be loosing bet you will have a better loss in your 3rd week keep going and stay strong.
Hang in there hun, 2nd week losses can be low but it will pick up again and average about a stone a month!

Good luck xx


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Thank you all so much for your support. I felt like crying this morning. Then when I went shopping with my OH we called in McDonalds as he was hungry (nice of him!) and as I nursed my black coffee and bottle of water it took all my strength not to join in. Glad I didn't but I'm still upset. I trust in you guys though - if I can do even half as well as you I'll be delighted. Thanks you've cheered me up
Jan x
hey hun, you will be fine. Look forward to your hols. Where in dubai you going? :)
Janny T
It varies for everyone, I have had zero weight loss one week having done everything correctly and wasn't even TOTM. The next week I lost 5, and do not compare yourself to WW person you will do brilliantly. The only problem will be how to keep the rich Sheiks off you in August (good enough payback for OH who HAD to have McDonalds in Week 2!). By the way, I found I wws much less motivated in Week 2 and then it just picked up again.
Clare x


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Thanks guys I'm feeling much better about it now. I KNOW it has to work - you can't take in so few calories and NOT lose weight. Even I can work that out it just makes me feel so demotivated. I don't know how I managed to stop myself from picking today. Anyway I'll weigh in tomorrow and then it's a new week.

Hi Daisybank, I'm going to Le Royal Meridien. I've been to Dubai quite a lot but I went to this hotel last August and felt soooo fat! I just have to look better this year. I should have done something about it ages ago but the time wasn't right. I do feel strong right now so hope that it continues. Thank's Claire - hopefully I'll feel more motivated next week.

Thanks again everyone - you're all stars :))

Jan x
you will be able to visit the new mall, the biggest in the world!! Plenty of shopping :)


is going to loose!

Get off the scales! Your body actually works in a monthly cycle and it's best to gauge your loss over the month. Weighing weekly is a good encouragement, however try really really hard to only go on the scales once for the week.

Also try to use a tape measure and measure your cm's. I dont use the scales at all as I used to weigh myself up to 6 times a day!!! The cm's come off every week.

And remember even if you dont loose alot, but you lost or stayed the same it's better than the feeling of gaining or becoming disappointed that you gave in to temptation.

Keep at it Janny and really pump in the water.


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