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hi.....newbie and in need of advice plz

Hi...:wave_cry:..im new here and to the whole weight loss "thing" Ive been lucky enough never to really need to lose weight until now. For the past 2 years running i have had 2 ops, both of which left me unable to exercise a great deal and long recoveries, which has resulted in some weight gain :eek: My G.P has now given me the go ahead to finally exercise and politley said i could "do with losing 1-2 stone" so here I am, with no idea what to do, i know absolutley nothing about calories, or anything like that. Last week i started walking every day for 2 miles and have started cutting my portion sizes down, have changed sugar to canderell and full fat milk to semi........I was given a lateral twisting stepper, a twisting magnetic disk and an indoor skipping rope. Im sat here looking at these with despair wondering if they are going to work. could anyone help me with advice plz??? :cry:
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i started of by making myself join the local slimming world group. then i found this site and spent a couple of evenings reading the slimming world website and this reading this site i found it inspiring.something just clicked with me that this was the time to do something positive for myself and it was hard to go to the group on my own but it made me think if i could just started i could keep going....i hope you can find that start and do this for yourself
Have a look at some of the websites for the well-known diets and see what you think. You could either join a class (I need the support of a class) join online or do it yourself by getting hold of their books either on ebay or at a first class.

Good luck

Irene xx
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Good luck in finding the right diet for you, there are plenty out there and i'm sure one will be just perfect for you and your lifestyle
thanks for the replies guys :D im looking around for diets, although im not keen on diets, id much rather just change what i eat.......if that makes sense? im still walking 2 miles every day although im finding i need a rest day. I tried my twisting disk thing and after falling off it a few times ive got the hang of it now, but my sides are hurting :cry: skipping?? well maybe i should wait a little bit longer for that one......i can just about manage 30 seconds before collapsing in a big heap on the floor much to my kids amusement! Nothing is happening yet...im still the same size if not bigger.....i think i was hoping id change into a size 10 overnight or something:)....so nothing much to report yet :sigh:


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If you don't like the idea of diets (I know some people just see them as too "faddy") then it is all about portion and calorie control added to an increased amount of exercise (SOOOO much more difficult than that sounds!) and no snacking (the easiest way to ensure that you don't is to make sure you have no crisps, biscuits etc. in the house - but I know that isn't always practical for everyone).

If you enjoy cooking look around for a couple of cheap recipe books that give you the amount of calories to a portion and stick rigidly to the portions. This book in particular 101 One-pot Dishes: Tried-and-tested Recipes Good Food 101: Amazon.co.uk: B.B.C. "Good Food Magazine": Books I've found invaluable - it's very cheap to buy and because it's all one-pot you know exactly how many calories are in what you eat (only thing is going back for seconds is very tempting as the recipes are tasty), it isn't a diet book, but it has lots of recipes that have less than 400 or 500 calories per portion, and most of the soups are substantial and have less than 200 calories per portion - the soups are great for making in bulk and freezing for lunches.

However, I'm not trying to become a marketer for BBC Good Food cook books, any book that gives recipes that aren't too fattening and gives you the number of portions and calories per portion is a big help when you are trying to go it alone without a "real" diet.

Find a method of exercise that you enjoy and it will really help make it a much less oneorous task - for me it's doing half an hour a day on the Wii Fit now, since I like walking but it doesn't appeal at this time of year and the Wii gives me enough variety not to get bored.

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